The Monthly Lunar Cycle & the Divine Feminine

You’re all invited to join me for a cup of tea with reflections on what’s brewing for us over the coming lunar cycle from an astrological standpoint.

Spiritually, the divine feminine coexists with the divine masculine, yet much of her essence has been lost culturally through the ages and with the domination of patriarchal religions.

Here, within my monthly gathering on the coming lunar cycle, we will be exploring the lunar phases and their hidden meanings from an emotionally intuitive and introspective standpoint, hence awakening the divine feminine in all of us.

This will help us all to prepare for the lunar cycle ahead and all it may bring. We’ll also reflect on the previous lunar cycle and what it meant for us.

For all those who are used to joining me with my monthly planetary alignments guide, you are welcome to continue joining! Similarly, I’ll begin with my usual introduction before delving into my interpretation of the current transits, always considering our Goddess Selene, our lunar cycles and how important these are for us energetically. I’ll then follow with my list of transits and the themes that are transpiring throughout the coming lunar cycle.

As the groups may be small enough, I will encourage and invite discussions and other viewpoints on the astrology of the month ahead.

This event is held on the second or third Saturday of every month (the one before the New Moon) between 12:00 noon and 3 pm UK time.

Please email me at for a link to the Zoom event if you can’t find one here or if you have any other questions.

Date and time: The second or third Saturday of every month between 12:00 noon and 3 pm UK time.
Duration: Around 45 mins

Ch Ch Ch Ch Changes .. The New Moon in Capricorn today, 11th January 2024

The New Moon at 20° Capricorn this Thursday opens up the doors for us to many changes and shifts, but only if we are ready. Starting with an applying conjunction to Pluto (albeit a wide conjunction), the Moon will then pass Scorpio’s ruling planet in the early hours of Friday the 12th to begin a new Moon-Pluto cycle, opposing on the 25th of January, the same day as the Full Moon in Cancer. So, this lunar cycle is very much synchronizing with two of our water sign rulers cyclically and the two represent both change and deep emotions. The question is, are you ready to embrace the changes? 

The New Moon also trines Uranus, another indicator of change, but with Uranus, the change can often be sudden and unexpected. We may not necessarily see the jarring change that can be indicated by the Uranus hard aspects, but with the trine we see today from the New Moon we might expect some real progressions in our relationships and perhaps even some exciting developments. 

With this mixture of the potential uprooting of complex, deep emotions and new developments, there’s also a promised, added dose of a desire for expansion and exploration this lunar cycle with Mars trine Jupiter and we can expect to see these energies increasing in light or ‘cooking in the pot on the stove’ over the next two weeks, until the time of Full Moon in Leo on Thursday the 25th of January.

The Mars trine Jupiter aspect occurs in earth signs Capricorn and Taurus today, so a real desire for something extra, both material and practical could take hold. With Capricorn’s ruler Saturn in a sextile to both Mars and Jupiter, it might be a good idea to follow your impulses, ambitions, and desires as something well worth your while could come from it that could last you a lifetime. 

Finally, with Chiron squaring the New Moon, albeit with a wide orb of more than 5°, there are chances of deep wounds coming to the surface, of course, to request healing if the opportunity is taken, and no doubt Pluto will be more than happy to assist with this process. This is most likely to happen between the 17th and the 21st of January, as the Moon passes Chiron before the first quarter Moon in Aries on the 18th (a stress point of the cycle), then Jupiter and Uranus and as the Sun moves into his exact conjunction with Pluto on the 20th and the 21st.

Of course then on the 21st Pluto will move into Aquarius, just in time to bring in some real fresh themes in time for the Full Moon on the 25th. There should be some real thematic shifts between the 21st and the 27th with this and the Sun moving into Aquarius, Venus moving into Capricorn, Black Moon Lilith moving into Virgo and then Uranus turning direct to officially mark the end of the retrograde season. What a bang, let’s hope it’s a good one.

I hope you all have a great lunar month!
Gem x

Valentine’s Special – Composite Charts

The composite midpoint chart is a synastry chart that’s derived from the charts of two people and can tell us a great deal about the purpose of a relationship and how some areas of life are likely to be expressed and explored between the two. Composite midpoint charts can be cast for any type of relationship – family, colleague, or friend, but in this meeting on Valentine’s day, we’ll be talking more specifically about romantic relationships.

We’ll be looking at the structure of the composite chart, and how to use it including what some of the planets in the houses mean.

There’ll also be room for questions and a couple of example charts to have a look at.

This event is held on Monday the 13th of February at 3:00 pm (UK time).

I welcome you to choose your own amount for the event. Please contribute to

Please email me at for a link to the Zoom event or if you have any other questions.

Date and time: Monday the 13th of February at 3:00 pm (UK time).
Duration: an hour

Halloween Astrology Special 2022 – Guess the Spooky Artist

Halloween Special 2022

Here I’ll be discussing three natal charts of some famous people who are associated with Halloween, but I won’t be disclosing who these people are! I’ll be talking about their work, their backgrounds and how these are reflected in their natal charts. I’ll also drop some hints (both visual and audio) relating to these people. If anyone can figure out all three there is a tarot card reading (by myself) to be won.

This event is on Saturday the 29th of October at 3 pm BST.

The cost for this event is not fixed, therefore I welcome you to choose your own amount. Please contribute to

Please email for a link to the Zoom event if you can’t find one/ are having trouble or if you have any questions.

Date and time: 29th of October at 3 pm BST
Duration: 1 hour, possibly a little bit more.