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Synastry consultation (friends, family and colleagues)

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Consultations come with an mp3 recording of the consultation for you to go back to at any time in the future and a transit calendar for forecasts. This can be especially helpful for you over the year following a forecast or following a synastry consultation.

To book a consultation, you can contact me via so we can arrange a date and time slot. Booking fees are via Paypal, or credit/ debit card.

Your Astrology is Amazing and Unique

Everybody has a Natal Chart that is unique to them, based on the time and place they were born and by unique I mean that no two people’s charts are the same, much in the same way as no two people have the same fingerprint. I have always found this to be one of the most exciting and intriguing facts about Astrology, especially as it is far from the common assumption that we can all be grouped into one of twelve signs and this is where it begins and ends. Natal charts are much more complex than many people (without a deeper understanding of Astrology) tend to believe. For example, a difference in birth time of just a few minutes can calculate a chart that tells quite a different story, in many ways, so, the more accurate the birth time which is given, the more accurate the results of a natal reading are likely to be. However, there is nothing to worry about if a completely accurate birth time isn’t known, as I can include chart rectifications (these are advanced Astrological techniques used for helping to pinpoint a birth time with much more accuracy).

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