Synastry Consultation




My Synastry Consultations are uniquely designed to focus on two Astrology charts and their inter-aspects so that I can convey my interpretative Astrological wisdom from inside the workings of each one and how they work together synergistically and energetically. If you’re a new couple or have been married for many years, you may find this consultation to be a truly enlightening, interesting and helpful experience.

Please provide me with the birth details for your two charts and I will use accurate astrological techniques such as your chart overlay analyses, your mid-point relationship chart reading and your first meeting charts, all against your natal charts to introduce you to the language of your planet’s natural relationship waves of harmony and personal conflict as a couple. Welcome to the beautiful, ancient language and wisdom of Astrology.

My offer is £190 for a synastry consultation of 1 hour 15 mins and an mp3 recording of the consultation