The Monthly Lunar Cycle & the Divine Feminine

You’re all invited to join me for a cup of tea with reflections on what’s brewing for us over the coming lunar cycle from an astrological standpoint.

Spiritually, the divine feminine coexists with the divine masculine, yet much of her essence has been lost culturally through the ages and with the domination of patriarchal religions.

Here, within my monthly gathering on the coming lunar cycle, we will be exploring the lunar phases and their hidden meanings from an emotionally intuitive and introspective standpoint, hence awakening the divine feminine in all of us.

This will help us all to prepare for the lunar cycle ahead and all it may bring. We’ll also reflect on the previous lunar cycle and what it meant for us.

For all those who are used to joining me with my monthly planetary alignments guide, you are welcome to continue joining! Similarly, I’ll begin with my usual introduction before delving into my interpretation of the current transits, always considering our Goddess Selene, our lunar cycles and how important these are for us energetically. I’ll then follow with my list of transits and the themes that are transpiring throughout the coming lunar cycle.

As the groups may be small enough, I will encourage and invite discussions and other viewpoints on the astrology of the month ahead.

This event is held on the second or third Saturday of every month (the one before the New Moon) between 12:00 noon and 3 pm UK time.

Please email me at for a link to the Zoom event if you can’t find one here or if you have any other questions.

Date and time: The second or third Saturday of every month between 12:00 noon and 3 pm UK time.
Duration: Around 45 mins

One thought on “The Monthly Lunar Cycle & the Divine Feminine”

  1. What a beautifully insightful exploration of the monthly lunar cycle and the divine feminine energy! This blog elegantly captures the essence of lunar phases and their profound influence on our lives. With clarity and depth, it celebrates the sacred connection between the moon and our inner worlds.

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