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Tarot/ Psychic Readings

I offer psychic and tarot readings at a cost of £40 per 30 minutes, with a cost of £15 for each additional 30 mins taken after this. Please book your reading via the appointment button below or you can email me at

Please read before booking a tarot reading with me: my readings are focused on one-to-one relationships of any type, emotional landscapes, spiritual growth, and soul journey. I can advise on most spiritual issues and on ways you can reach greater alignment on your soul path through this lifetime. Please ask me if you are unsure as to whether I may be able to help you. I can see into your soul book and contact your spirit guide/s, as they communicate to me what they would like to advise you at this important stage in your life.

Things I do not do: although people in spirit such as friends and family members may appear at times during readings without warning, I am not a medium and do not offer mediumship readings. I also do not do past life, soul mate, or twin flame readings unless I am channeling through automatic writing. I do not read about mundane and practical issues such as finances, legal proceedings, objects, names, pregnancies, baby’s genders, or medical details.

Ancestor and Fox Wildwood Tarot
The Wildwood Tarot

Channeling through Automatic Writing

My offer is to contact your guide/s at a cost of £35 per 5 questions. Please contact me on 07720374763 for how to proceed and to see which questions I can and cannot help you with. I will update this page with more information a little later.

Many thanks and have a wonderful day, Gemma.