About this Saturday’s Full Moon in Aquarius, the 24th of July!

There’s a Full Moon in Aquarius this Saturday, 24th July, at 03:37 am in the UK.

The Full Moon in Aquarius will be at 1°26’ of Aquarius with the Sun in domicile in Leo bringing us all of those creative and fiery energies of the sign represented by the Lion.

This Full Moon is along the Aquarius/ Leo axis, so our collective values are highlighted at this time along with our social personas and where we all stand within our greater society.

July’s Buck Moon

July’s Full Moon is also known as a Buck Moon by native Americans. The Buck is another name for certain types of horned mammals suck as deer and antelopes, which is where the naming of the Full Moon comes from. The buck is symbolic of fertility and spirit messengers who come to offer peace.

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Is Today’s Full Moon in Capricorn Great for Workaholics?

There’s a Full Moon in Capricorn this evening, 24th June, at 7:39 pm in the UK.

Today’s Moon will enter maximum opposition at 7:39 pm at 3° Capricorn with the Sun at 3° Cancer. This is only three days following our Summer Solstice on June 21st, which was the longest day of the year and the UK’s beginning of Summer.

With the Full Moon happening along astrology’s business and home axis, the inherent values of Capricorn and Cancer may become a focal point this week. In such a way this Full Moon looks to be a great one for us workaholics, especially as many of us are now working from home.


With Jupiter trining the Sun and forming a sextile to the Moon in Capricorn, work may also come with a feel-good quality about it today, regardless of how little of that Full Moon sleep we mustered. Jupiter is retrograde in Pisces, meaning going with the flow may be essential this week as at times day-to-day things may appear to be a little confusing. Trust in the universe, as it will catch our fall as long as we try our best. Or we can trust in our planet of luck Jupiter at the very least!

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Pluto opposite Sun, Thursday 10th June

On Thursday 10th June at 7:30 pm BST

The Pluto opposite natal Sun transit is a notoriously difficult aspect to navigate because of Pluto’s depth, power and relation to the shadow psyche. This is why I’d like to share my views on Pluto, how Pluto operates within the psyche and some tips on both navigating and surviving the Pluto opposite Sun transit.

On Thursday 10th June at 7:30 pm BST, I’ll be sharing some of my own experiences of my Pluto opposite Sun transit, what has helped me to survive this transit up to now and how I have prepared for this transit in the years leading up to it (which will include some electional astrology using traditional methods).

Cost is free but contributions or donations are encouraged with gratitude! Please contribute to: paypal.me/vineastrology

email gemma@vineastrology.com for a link to the Zoom event

Date and time: Thursday 10th June, 7:30 pm.
Duration: About an hour, possibly a little bit more.

Watch out for the Full Moon in Scorpio this Tuesday!

There’s a Full Moon in Scorpio this Tuesday, 27th April, at 432 am in the UK.

On Tuesday, the Full Moon in Scorpio will be opposing a lovely stellium of four planets in Taurus, including the Sun, so as well as the investigative, penetrative, and private energies of Scorpio highlighting the sky between now and then, we have a good old huge dose of kind-natured, fixed and loving Taurus. With Mars newly in Cancer now too, focus this Full Moon may be on home, family, and on instinctively nurturing our own emotional boundaries and well-being. All planets except two (Saturn and Jupiter) are now in the feminine or yin energy signs, so we may be now feeling a lot more like staying at home, putting our feet up, and forgetting any and all of the drama that is going on in the world. All we need now is good food, our favourite TV show and family, right?!

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Chiron in the Houses of the Natal Chart, Thursday 8th April 2021

On Thursday 8th April at 7:30 pm BST

Chiron’s significance in the Astrology chart can be notoriously difficult to understand because of his dual nature, his eccentricity and his complexity. It’s in my understanding that Chiron’s very nature deserves great respect and acknowledgement because to consider Chiron is to also consider aspects of the shadow and the effects of the deep and painful wounds on the emotional body that Chiron represents.

On Thursday 8th April at 7:30 pm BST, I’ll be sharing my view on Chiron in the natal chart based on some theory from the archetype and mythos of Chiron, my research and my experience with clients during my first 4 years practising Astrology.

I’ll also share an explanation of Chiron in each house of the natal chart.

Cost is free but contributions or donations are encouraged with gratitude! Please contribute to: paypal.me/vineastrology

email gemma@vineastrology.com for a link to the Zoom event

Date and time: Thursday 8th April, 7:30 pm.
Duration: About an hour, possibly a little bit more.

It’s a Full Moon in Libra on Sunday!

There’s a Full Moon in Libra this Sunday, 28th March, at 7:48 pm in the UK.

The Full Moon in Libra will be forming a nice grand air trine with Saturn in Aquarius and a Mars – North Node conjunction in Gemini. This then forms a kite pattern when the South Node is also taken into account here. In fact, it forms two; one with South Node at the apex and the other with the Sun at the apex. So when we look at these in terms of focal points, it could mean that we’re feeling driven right now to go ahead and put the things into motion that have been mulling around in our heads over the past few months or even longer. There might be a range of different things and these might be things that a very air element things to do such as writing, talking, socialising, networking, sharing ideas and following ambitions etc. Anything shared with an audience or groups of people are air sign things to do. We may find we are stepping into these things almost instinctively while seeking emotional balance with the Moon in Libra as part of this configuration. With the Sun also at an apex position in almost exact conjunctions with Venus and Chiron, we may also feel compelled to fall into an act now, think later kind of mode and this also shows that a) we can be warriors of compassion and support for one another, especially where romance is concerned and b) this can be used to fuel our passion in our artistic and creative endeavours.

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Our Full Moon is in Virgo Tomorrow, February 27th!

There’s a Full Moon in Virgo tomorrow, 27th February, at around 8:17 am in the UK.

Virgo is an Earth sign that is Mutable and ruled by Mercury, so the atmospheric colours and creature comforts that may surround while the Moon is in this sign may be centred around work, keeping busy and being generally helpful and kind towards others. Mercury is all about connecting, but one of the signatures of Virgo is to be able to take in a lot of practical information and deeply analyse it with an accuracy and speed that can really take our goals and ambitions to the next level, regardless of the projects we are currently working on. As an Earth sign, this energy can really help us to juggle several projects simultaneously in order to stay ahead in our day-to-day lives. These are just a few of the great things about having the Moon in Virgo, especially while all other planets are sharing the signs Capricorn through Taurus; we are presented with the opportunity to take advantage of the usual gifts offered by the sign Virgo.

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The 11th February 2021 New Moon

Our next New Moon will be in Aquarius this Thursday, 11th February, at 19:05 here in the UK.

The New Moon on Thursday will be in Aquarius at 23°, marking the start of a fresh journey for all of us this month, with reference to similar energetic themes of a much larger journey that was kickstarted by the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction on the 21st December last year. Important Aquarius configurations and lunations send out ripples of energy, calling us to become more aware of our surroundings and each other. Aquarius is a conscious sign, ruled by the transpersonal planet Uranus, that can act as something of a truth serum both personally and in the collective conscious and this can really help as a glue within society, that binds us together with common goals towards global insight and positive change.

Joining the New Moon in Aquarius are the Mercury retrograde, Saturn in domicile and a partile conjunction between Venus and Jupiter at 12°. Venus and Jupiter so close together like this will bring a huge dose of positive enhancement to the whole effect of the sign of Aquarius, which I think is in some ways helping to mitigate some of the problems usually associated with the Mercury retrograde, especially as Mercury is so supported in the sign of Aquarius already.

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Our Full Moon in Leo this Thursday, January 28th!

There’s a Full Moon in Leo this Thursday, 28th January, at around 7:16 pm in the UK.

If you’re feeling more optimistic, excited and positive this week than you have in a while, this may be because we are receiving a great ol’ dose of energy from Jupiter, as he will be in exact conjunction with the Sun and opposition from the Moon this Thursday. Because it’s a Full Moon, we can experience these energies a week or even more prior to the event, especially if we have our own personal alignments with the event chart of the Full Moon. Jupiter, the planet of enthusiasm and optimism is now becoming freer of Saturn’s ties and strictures as he moves on faster through the zodiac and on Thursday, his energies are further boosted by the confident and bold energies of our Sun and vice versa. This means we have a double-whammy of positive energy lighting up the sky.

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The Full Moon ~ 30th December 2020

There’s a Full Moon in Cancer this Wednesday (tomorrow), 30th December, at around 3:28 am in the UK. It’s the final Full Moon of the year!

The Full Moon tomorrow is all about our emotional and nurturing instincts, our subtle spiritual bodies and finding a balance between these things and our practical pursuits, day-to-day living and our working lives. I feel that the healing theme has definitely rolled over again from previous months, only this time, instead of the delay in expression or release that accompanied the symbolism of the Full Moon last month, ascension into greater spiritual awareness and healing are now focal points and could be experienced a little more profoundly with Chiron in Aries acting as the crux of a T-square with the Moon and Sun on the Capricorn-Cancer axis. Potentials for transforming how we deal with and think about practical responsibilities are highlighted, with Pluto in the same house and sign as the Sun and Mercury and having those brilliant light-bulb moments and boundless wells of creativity to enable us to do this is a positive vibration that is offered by the cosmos with Uranus in Taurus forming swift-access trines with the Sun and Moon.

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