About me

I’d like to send a warm welcome out to anyone visiting my page and thanks for being here! I first became interested in astrology back in the summer of ’96, during important (and simultaneous) Pluto, Neptune and Uranus transits to my personal planets. At that lovely time, I was gifted with a copy of Zolar’s ‘Encyclopedia of Ancient and Forbidden Knowledge.’

Instantly inspired at 15 years of age and enamoured with the mysterious title and pen name, chapters of the astral world and the soul, reading Zolar’s introduction to astrology marked the moment I began consciously (and unconsciously) perceiving energies with the zodiac signs as a backdrop. I still do this almost unceasingly and my technique and purpose are constantly evolving. Everything Zolar wrote spoke to me deeply. The Astral realm felt like my home and astrology was a new way and soulful way of relating to the world that brought me a renewed sense of hope and freedom.

Whilst following my deep interest in astrology and tarot, I worked as a scientist in a lab, carrying out experiments and then going home at the end of the day to focus on these. After some major life events which were blessings in disguise and which, looking back seem very much like divine intervention, I finally found the time and space to take my passion seriously. I took my diploma in mundane and natal astrology and, after passing with a distinction from the Mayo School in London, I set up my practice in 2017.

Today, I’m finally working as a professional Astrologer and it feels that this was destined for me all along.

As well as teaching Astrology and consulting, I write articles for Healing Crystals’ phenacite club and I’m the UK satellite for OPA (the Organisation for Professional Astrology), where I organise annual speaking events. I’m also a member of the APAI (the Association of Professional Astrologers International). This year (2021), I contributed a chapter on the houses in the natal chart for OPA’s book, ‘Astrology Essentials’.

I assist my clients in finding both freeing and meaningful ways of working through transits. Some of these are important, major transits that many people have explained they find difficult or life-changing. To guide my clients through these, I use my thorough understanding of how each transit tends to unfold and how uniquely a personal natal chart might respond to each transit. Using accurate applying, exact, and separating dates really helps my clients prepare for their transits and anticipate when the energies of the transits are being released.

My other work includes psychic reading with Tarot and Lenormand cards, which are supported by my clairvoyance, clairaudience and clairsentience abilities and my close relations with my spirit guides. My interests are spiritual healing and growth through visualisation techniques and eft, meditation and meditation with crystals. I will often offer gentle advice towards further healing through my consultations and I have a referral list of various energy healers and lightworkers, if you feel you require further help that is beyond my scope of assistance. Many of us carry wounds from the past and our healing journeys are ongoing in much the same way that our learning journeys are; I believe we are all here to help one another grow.

You can find more information on my consultations here on my consultations page and my contact information here on my contact page.

Blessings, Gemma Harwood BSc D.M. Astrol MAPAI