The New Moon Total Solar Eclipse ~ 14th December 2020

There’s a New Moon Total Eclipse in Sagittarius tomorrow, 14th December, at 16:17 in the UK.

The New Moon tomorrow will be in Sagittarius at 23°, conjoining Mercury on the Moon’s South Node (also both in Sagittarius) whilst trining Mars in Aries. So there’s some fire energy here! Yes, even though Jupiter, the ruler of Sagittarius is still in Capricorn, flanked closely by both Saturn and Pluto, we do have some fire working-out within these trines of the New Moon. I feel that Jupiter’s position in late Capricorn in-between these two heavy planets is perfectly symbolic of the position we find ourselves in at the moment, as a nation (and globally). We are nearing the end of one of the heaviest, most transformational years we have had for a long time in which many of our freedoms have been thwarted, much like some of Jupiter’s free and fiery energy may be thwarted during the time he finds himself sandwiched amidst this configuration of planets. Jupiter here represents us and our personal freedom to explore the world and our surroundings and our sense of an ending to this adversity can be represented by Jupiter’s onward movement out of Capricorn and into an air sign; Jupiter will be strengthened via triplicity ruler in Aquarius here.

Therefore, as the ruler of our New Moon Total Solar Eclipse is in a somewhat frustrated position, looking forward to an end to all this, which will no doubt be marked by a series of perfectly-timed conjunctions with Saturn in Aquarius, we have a good dose of fire energy to feed our restlessness and creative endeavours as we lie in wait for the world to get back to ‘normal’. That fire energy is in the shape of a New Moon with a detriment Mercury.

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Astrology Talk: Reflecting on the Jupiter-Pluto conjunctions of 2020

This Thursday, 3rd Dec at 7:30 pm UT

In this talk, I’ll be reflecting on the 𝙅𝙪𝙥𝙞𝙩𝙚𝙧-𝙋𝙡𝙪𝙩𝙤 𝙘𝙤𝙣𝙟𝙪𝙣𝙘𝙩𝙞𝙤𝙣𝙨 𝙤𝙛 2020 and the impact these have had on our global society this year, including the positives!! There’ll be lots of keywords for Jupiter and Pluto and how they relate to events that have occurred. I will also refer to some of the events of the Saturn-Pluto conjunction and how these have differed from typical Jupiter-Pluto events. We are coming to the end of 2020 now and we’re getting ready to leave this year behind. Let’s do it with a clearer account in our minds of some of the things that have happened Astrologically. Please email me at to register your place.

Just bring yourselves, nothing else needed.
Zoom links will be emailed 2 hours before the meeting.

The Full Moon (penumbral eclipse) ~ 30th November 2020

There’s a Full Moon in Gemini this Monday (or tomorrow), 30th November, at around 9:30 am in the UK. It’s a Full Moon penumbral eclipse!

The Full Moon this Monday in Gemini will be energetically disposed to Mercury in Scorpio, who will be in an applying sextile to Saturn after separating from the same aspect to Jupiter. This means that the week surrounding the Full Moon, either side, maybe a time many of us find ourselves deep in thought, heavily pondering on certain aspects of our lives that have been niggling at us throughout the year. Perhaps it is coming to a time where we could finally look towards mending these little (or huge) annoyances that have been getting in the way of our general peace and happiness, once and for all. Wouldn’t it be amazing to begin 2021 with something that we feel truly resembles a fresh start for us? I know I would!

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New Moon ~ 15th November 2020

There’s a New Moon in Taurus this Sunday, 15th November, at 05:07 in the UK.

The New Moon this Sunday is in Scorpio at 23°, trining Neptune, which is in domicile in Pisces and this means that we have a wonderfully watery New Moon coming up for us this weekend. The water sign energy can heighten our intuition and general sensitivity, so this is a great time to meditate to listen more closely to the things your gut has been trying to tell you over the past two months, while Mars has been retrograde.

Yes Mars, our fiery, red planet that is most comfortable blazing onward with vigour has been on his [apparent] backwards path since the 9th September, so it is not unusual at all if you have been feeling somewhat stifled or like you’re trudging through mud lately. Now on this day Friday 13th, while I am writing this article, Mars is finally moving direct-wards again so we can happily invite some greater movement and confidence into our lives from this day, going forward. Things might seem a lot clearer during the New Moon too, for this reason.

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The coming Full Moon Astrology | October 2020

Full Moon ~ 31st October 2020

There’s a Full Moon in Taurus this Saturday, 31st October, at around 14:49 in the UK.

The Full Moon this Saturday in Taurus really closely conjoins Uranus in his detriment, which means what might have usually been cosy, steady and predictable time for us could be enhanced with some last-minute surprises, so hold on to your seats this weekend, especially if you have any personal planets around 8° of any of the fixed signs. The Uranus-Moon conjunction will indeed be at 8° Taurus, with the Sun opposing these at 8° Scorpio, so if you do have any personal planets or angles (namely the Ascendant, Descendant, Midheaven or Immum Coeli) at this same degree in Taurus, Scorpio, Leo or Aquarius, this is you. If you do experience anything unexpected around the time of the Full Moon, give or take a few days, please share with me what it was in the comments below.

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The coming Full Moon Astrology | December 2019

The Post ~ 12th December 2019

There’s a Full Moon in Gemini this Thursday, the 12th December, exacting at around 05:11 in the UK.

This Full Moon in Gemini is all about learning how to ‘go with the flow’ without a desire to influence or change those things around you that you know you can have no control over. With Mars passing the centre of Scorpio at 15° there may certainly be some extra desire for power or influence lately stirring within us, whether that be simply control over our own lives or something else. But at the time of the Full Moon on Wednesday, Mars will be in a partile trine with Neptune in Pisces and this easy and supportive aspect with Neptune will encourage us to release our grip and allow the subconscious urges that are gracefully artistic and at one with the natural flow of the cosmos to run through us, opening our minds to a more peaceful super-consciousness.

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The coming Full Moon Astrology | November 2019

The Post ~ 12th November 2019

There’s a Full Moon in Taurus this Tuesday, the 12th November, exacting at around 13:30 in the UK.

Full Moon Chart 12th Nov 2019

This Full Moon in Taurus is all about taking back the stability in your life you may have felt you lost ever since the New Moon in Scorpio on the 28th October, which no doubt rocked the calm for many of us during the weeks to follow. During the New Moon in Scorpio, Mars tightly squared Saturn, which is a notoriously difficult aspect that often brings us extra responsibilities of the type that just simply cannot be ignored, potentially getting in the way of every day life while demanding your time and attention.

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The coming Full Moon Astrology | September 2019

The Post ~ 14th September 2019

There’s a Full Moon in Pisces next Saturday, the 14th September, exacting at around 04:30 am in the UK.

This Full Moon is all about service, self sacrifice and the renewal of efforts towards the well-structured plans we have had in place so far throughout this year, as we aim further towards our long-term goals and well-thought-out projects. There may have been times this year when we have felt less faithful or like times are a little too hard, but this Full Moon on Saturday and both the preceding and following weeks should finally help bring about a sense of newness of hope or a new boost of gusto.

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The coming Full Moon Astrology | August 2019

General Venus topics include love and romance, aesthetics and general appearance, harmony and peace, artistry, creativity, sensuality, leisure and the physical aspects of pleasure that include clothes shopping and retail therapy for home decor and other such things.

The Post ~ 15th August 2019

There’s a Full Moon in Aquarius next Thursday, the 15th August, exacting at around 12:30 pm in the UK.

Once again the Sun will be conjoining Venus in Leo, only this time further on in the sign at 22°. Another difference is they will be much more tightly conjunct, with Venus sharing the same degree of the Sun at 22° Leo, hence the Moon also, which will be in opposition at 22° Aquarius. This information tells us several things. Firstly, that the Full Moon this month is ruled by Uranus and secondly, that we can expect special focus over the next few weeks to be on anything that generally relates to Venus or more personally (and likely) the way Venus relates in our natal charts and via transit.

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The New Moon in Leo Tomorrow, 1st August 2019

Mercury is stationing direct in Cancer too tomorrow and is close to the North Node while opposing Pluto, which emphasises potential for change

After the eventfulness and intensity we’ve just experienced with our two eclipses in July in Cancer and Capricorn, I’m sure many of you will welcome the energy of tomorrow’s New Moon in Leo, like me.

At 8° it will conjoin Venus so you can expect a lovely boost of creative, fun and confident energies in the area of life represented by the house this New Moon falls in for you.

You may find yourself starting something fresh or you may find that you begin looking at something else you’ve been doing in a new light, so that your new perspective brings you lots more possibilities and ways to improve.

Mercury is stationing direct in Cancer too tomorrow and is close to the North Node while opposing Pluto, which emphasises potential for change, especially all things Mercury related (the mind, communication, your voice), so make it count. 🙂 Set good intentions, stay positive and blessings to you all.

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Blessings to all.

New Moon Chart 1st Aug 2019