Natal Consultation with Forecast


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I offer a natal consultation and forecast with thorough explanations of the wisdom your natal chart holds and your upcoming transits. We’ll chat over coffee (or tea) as I delve into some of the life themes that are likely to unfold for you over the coming year with the dates they are likely to unfold. I offer my understanding of these from an astrological perspective, including how their unique effects could unfold with your personal birth chart. Some of the other topics discussed will be early life and home life, career potentials and development, relationships, Chiron wound areas and potentials for healing and your most recent astrological circumstances as is written in the heavens.

I use both ancient and modern widely-trusted astrological techniques to explore your natal chart with you and I include accurate transit dates of your year ahead based on your natal information.

My combination of techniques, such as Transit charts, Progressions and Solar Arcs detail your planetary climate for the year ahead, helping you to prepare for your upcoming events with clarity and ease while seeing your life themes as they are reflected in your transits. I offer professional astrological advice on each transit and leave plenty of space for answering questions.

The natal consultation is designed specifically to help you over the coming year so you can move on with confidence and make informed decisions with clarity and ease. It will also inspire you to search deeper within yourself for answers, discover more about yourself and seek alternate viewpoints or paths.

Going ahead you’ll receive a consultation with me of 1 hr 15 mins, your personal transit calendar for your year ahead including your natal chart image and an audio recording of the consultation for £128

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