Natal Consultation with Forecast

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I offer a Natal Consultation of 1 hr 15 mins complete with a forecast with thorough explanations of the wisdom your natal chart holds and your upcoming transits. We can chat over coffee (or tea) as I delve into some of the themes that are likely to unfold for you over the coming year and offer my understanding of these, including their unique effects on your birth chart. Your input is important during the consultation as this will bring to light how your background, free will and choices have resonated with your natal chart throughout your life. Some of the things discussed will be early life and home life, career potentials and development, relationships, deep wound areas and potentials for healing and your most recent astrological background as written in the stars.

I use step-by-step, ancient and modern well-trusted Astrological techniques, studying both the physical and the psychological charts and I blend these with accurate transit dates of your year ahead based on your birth information. I then perform an in-depth natal reading with your planetary aspects, placements and house positions and we can discuss this more during your consultation.

My combination of techniques, such as Transit charts, Progressions and Solar Arcs detail your planetary climate for the year ahead, helping you to prepare for your upcoming events and life themes as they are reflected in your transits. I then offer professional Astrological advice and answer your questions, which can be especially helpful if you have some major planetary themes this year.

I will also explain the meaning of every transit and planetary theme, with details of several ways they could unfold for you based on our conversation during your consultation and the key areas of life they are most likely to unfold. The Natal Reading with your transits can be a wonderful help as we all show tendencies to receive our transits differently, and this is reflected in my first analysis of your natal chart, which is invaluable knowledge shared during each natal consultation. This natal chart delineation is used only for this special reading.’

Provided are a consultation of 1 hr 15 mins, your natal chart, a transit calendar and an MP3 recording of the session


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