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Mars is the ruler of Aries and is the planet of undiluted passion, instinctive behaviour, taking action and physical desires. It represents an individual’s enthusiasm, vigour, courage and style of aggression. You can look at the Mars sign for a partial inclination of the things that might be likely to make a person angry and how likely it is that the person will be prone to taking risks on a whim.
Mars also indicates decisiveness, the sense of competition (in all the different flavours this may appear), sexual appetite and sexual creativity.

As the fourth planet and the farthest of our personal planets from the Sun that orbits before Jupiter (and the asteroid belt), Mars, also known as The Red Planet, was named after the Roman God of War and it orbits between Earth and Jupiter with a cycle of about 687 Earth days (1.88 Earth years).

The basic natures of these Mars Signs I have written about here tend to be strongly inherent amongst natives, although exceptions can and do occur if placements and/ or aspects elsewhere in the chart are strong and point towards opposing qualities. The native may then be changeable, adaptable, conflicted or other, depending on the nature of their other natal positions and their aspects or on other aspects to Mars. As an Astrologer, I feel that disclaimers such as these are always necessary; the traits of Mars Signs in these interpretations are not set in stone, but are meant as a general guide only.

Mars in Aries ♈

Aries is Mars’ natural sign; therefore here, those characteristics that are the most fundamentally associated with the planet Mars are at their strongest. This is why Mars in Aries natives are usually driven, impulsive, courageous and high in vitality whilst they generally do not hesitate to take the initiative.

Mars in Taurus ♉

A motto often used by Mars in Taurus natives is, ‘let’s not fight, we can just do this my way’, because these natives tend to be of a mellow and peaceable nature, yet Taurus is a Fixed sign in modality, meaning that they aren’t usually comfortable swaying from their own habitual path or methods of planning.

Mars in Gemini ♊

People with Mars in Gemini tend to be blithe and flirtatious folk, who are great communicators with a keen eye for detail. They often seem to have no problem elaborating on the technicalities of a large range of subjects and are usually enthusiastic and exhaustive in their verbal deliverance.

Mars in Cancer ♋

The position of Mars in Cancer usually lends towards some strong domestic inclinations. People with this placement will likely find great comfort in spending lots of time at home and with their family. They can be quite creative around the home, enjoying cooking, making sure everybody is fed well and they tend to be naturals at setting a comforting and homely atmosphere for those they care about the most.

Mars in Leo ♌

When a Mars in Leo native really wants something, they will generally go straight after it with barely a second thought. Here, Mars is in a fixed fire sign, so it makes sense to say that passions within them for life and desires are continuously burning and the impulse to act upon them and express them is great. Self sufficient and confident, they tend to have a noticeable vitality and are generally very aware of this and of how everything they do likely affects their image.

Mars in Virgo ♍

People with Mars in Virgo tend to be extremely analytical folk, which means that they can be highly critical of themselves and those around them. Though they may be so in a most sensible and truthful manner, they can often be seen by others as being rather opinionated. They usually have a high dose of common sense and are often very grounded when making decisions about what they think they should do next in life.

Mars in Libra ♎

When in Libra, the usual aggressiveness of Mars is tamed and is replaced by grace and an enthusiasm for diplomacy, socializing and peace-making. Mars in Libra natives are fair, cooperative, and have a natural aptitude that shines in partnerships and group activities. People with this placement love to express themselves and communicate through artistic endeavours such as through writing poetry, painting, music and dance.

Mars in Scorpio ♏

When the energies of Mars and Scorpio meet, there is understandably a natural blend of brilliant willpower and focus and those who are fortunate enough to have this placement are usually able to achieve almost anything they set their minds to. Having Mars in a fixed sign makes for individuals who are steady, solid, tough and tenacious, who usually have the ability to display no-nonsense independence and efficiency when they want to get something done.

Mars in Sagittarius ♐

Mars in Sagittarius natives, like Mars in Aries natives, often tend to be full of energetic and fiery enthusiasm, although one big difference is that their focus and their interests are usually dispersed into many directions simultaneously, which is almost guaranteed to have them up and about from place you place, relieving those itchy feet of theirs. In a Jupiter- ruled sign, it makes sense to say it is likely that this particular Mars native generally abhors sitting around stagnating; perhaps they feel they need to explore the world, meet with new and different social groups or learn through a variety of different subjects; especially religion, politics, philosophy and science.

Mars in Capricorn ♑

Mars is exalted in Capricorn; meaning that here, the martian energy immediately gains a definitive edge strength and dignity. Mars in Capricorn natives are conservative, level headed and they have a strong sense of self control in every respect. They have superb focus and concentration, setting out to accomplish their goals with little time for laziness, waste or unnecessary emotion.

Mars in Aquarius ♒

To Mars in Aquarius natives, freedom of both movement and speech tend to be very important and they will usually understand and respect the same freedoms in others. They generally don’t tend to be the most sentimental or emotional of Mars signs when it comes to relations with others but they do often tend to have the best interests of the group or the masses at heart, whenever this applies to their current situation. They tend to be progressive and very individualistic in their creative pursuits and are generally quite mentally astute, clever and off-beat in their way of working towards their goals or whatever it is they have set their sights on.

Mars in Pisces ♓

The bold, direct energy of Mars and the ethereal, dreamy energy of Pisces are so very contradictory to one-another, that when Mars is travelling through this sign, he really seems to have no other choice but to slow down to try to gather his bearings. Mars is so used to darting here and there, knowing exactly where he is going, yet he’s now wading through the deepest of waters all of a sudden. Perhaps the latter is similar to the way Mars in Pisces natives often feel.

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