How can Astrology help you?

I often hear people worrying about planets they have in fall and what this means. Perhaps they have read online or in social media groups that having Venus in Virgo means things will go wrong in certain areas of their life for them and they can’t do much to change it or they won’t find success in these areas. Yes, planets in fall can sometimes mean that the planet’s core nature isn’t being expressed to it’s fullest potential, but does this mean you won’t find success? Not at all!

I’m a firm believer that we can all find something that works for us and our charts are an excellent way of discovering new ways to go about that. I explore my own planets and houses and I spend lots of effort working on healing those areas that are in need of a little TLC, which means my greatest potentials and luckier qualities are freed up as much as they can be for their bountiful supply of assets. My philosophy is that you can and you should have the opportunity to easily attract all the things that you desire, and more!

It does work! Since becoming an Astrologer and realising this, my life has improved immensely. I’m still on this journey and I likely always will be, but I’m heading in a direction that fulfils my soul’s intention while reflecting my own core values and purpose.

Finding your balance in life. Transits to your natal chart and your progressions can open you up to the energetic themes the universe is playing for you and when these themes will appear and release in your life. With this, you can prepare yourself for the themes that you may tend to experience through restriction, conflict or change while making the most of those themes which are more likely to bring you gifts and opportunities.

Astrology can even help you make life decisions if you consider your current transits to your natal chart. For example, with my experience of Astrology, I personally wouldn’t buy a car if Mars was transiting my 3rd house, I would at least wait until it left my 3rd and moved well into my 4th (much past my IC or even better, into my 5th or 6th). This is because Mars is often known to wreak a little havoc in whichever house he moves through and buying a car would be a 3rd house thing to do. I did buy one while Venus, a planet that is known to be benefic, was moving through my 3rd house and things went beautifully well for me!

Astrology can show you why you might repeatedly attract certain problematic themes into your relationships and this can provide a really clear view of how you can break negative cycles that are holding you back or at least show you how you can begin working towards this, with greater consciousness and clarity. Having this Astrological insight can prove to be really empowering when working with your own chart in relationships.

Of course, there are so many other things Astrology can do for you, plenty more than I have space for on this page. Here are just some of the popular things that tend to pique the curiosity of those interested in Astrology.

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