Total Lunar Eclipse in Taurus – 8th of November 2022

Total lunar eclipse Taurus

We now find ourselves at the culmination point of this year’s October-November eclipse season with the total lunar eclipse in Taurus tomorrow. As one of the most important and potent times of the year, astrologically speaking, this Taurus eclipse will be the last total lunar eclipse we’ll observe until March the 14th 2025. Total lunar eclipses are usually a time of major changes in our personal lives and a time of big changes both socially and politically around the world, but what does this eclipse represent for us, more specifically?

How did this Lunar Cycle Begin?

I always find it really helpful and important to look back to what happened astrologically at the time of the New Moon of our current lunar cycle to get an idea of what this cycle means for us, as the New Moons really do seem to set the tone for the whole of the cycle. At the start of this cycle, we had the partial solar eclipse on the 25th of October, which was in a partile conjunction with Venus in Scorpio. Venus rules Taurus, the sign of the North Node, yet with the eclipse and Venus at the Scorpio South Node, there was a double signification for both relationships and money coming into play. The South Node tipping over the greater balance at the nodal axis suggests second chances for growth towards our soul’s purpose, so if you paid close attention to this memo, now is the time to reap the benefits. Looking back, is there anything you’ve been meaning to do for yourself throughout the year yet have only just taken the leap towards over the past few weeks? This could be because the potent energies of this eclipse season have given you that extra little push you needed.

So what’s happening in your life at the time of this eclipse? Eclipses are so energy-fueled, that they offer us a larger window of time for activation than the usual Full Moons do, so I’m having a think about the past week and remembering there’s still time for setting intentions throughout the week ahead. Let’s have a look at the chart for the eclipse tomorrow.

Just Be Yourself!

By this week, a stellium of planets in Scorpio (Mercury, the Sun and Venus) have moved on past the point of the South Node and the Moon has cycled around to exactly conjoin Uranus, opposite the Sun. From a conjunction with Venus in Scorpio, we started off with a potent double signification that married with the meaning of the nodal axis in Taurus and Scorpio, begging for us to balance the way we attain resources with our intimate sense of personal achievement (or finding new ways to create money whilst remaining true to ourselves). Now this balancing act is still important, yet Uranus strikes a cord with the Moon and following our own path of truth, regardless of how unique or unusual, takes centre stage over the coming days.

Compassion for the Collective is Key

Venus applying in a trine to Neptune during the eclipse aligns with Uranus’ intentions in the form of both compassion and altruism, meaning considering the needs of the collective and the community are really important for us right now. Whilst we started off the cycle at the New Moon striking this nodal balance with more personal intentions, it will now appear that there is much more to consider than ourselves as the Moon with Uranus at the North Node sends us signals that remaining mindful of the collective is the way to get things done, progressing us forwards within the heartbeat of humanity.

Throughout a large portion of the year, Tesla billionaire Elon Musk has proposed to buy Twitter for $44 billion dollars, but the deal has been delayed, apparently due to Musk’s investigation into the amount of fake accounts Twitter held. He had until the 28th of October to seal the deal (which was just 3 days after the partial solar eclipse) and he posted a video of himself entering the Twitter HQ on the 26th of October, the day after the eclipse. Now, by the time of the lunar eclipse in Taurus, he has fired nearly half of Twitter’s 8,000 employees in a bid to save money and has reportedly already asked dozens to return in the past few days, stating he made a mistake in firing them. This also comes at a time when a number of Twitter’s ex-employees are filing lawsuits against him for not providing them the notice they were entitled to before being let go.

A Spanner in the Works?

With all of this going on, we can’t miss the fact that Saturn is squaring on both the Moon-Uranus conjunction and the opposing Mercury-Sun conjunction. Of course with Mercury playing such a huge role in this eclipse season too, administration, organisation and communications have contributed a major role to the overall theme throughout the last few weeks. Now, we may see some drawbacks and delays due to these Saturn squares. There could be an overall sense of frustration due to delays, especially if other things haven’t turned out well earlier throughout this eclipse season. Perhaps Elon Musk is experiencing some of these frustrations right now, especially with Saturn being so close to his North Node, which is at 15° Aquarius. In fact, this lunar eclipse in Taurus directly squares his nodal axis (see his chart above), which makes this eclipse a particularly important one for him.

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