New Moon highlights 16th/ 17th Jan 2018

New Moon

Highlights forecast for this New Moon period and the fortnight ahead.

The New Moon that occurs this Wednesday, the 17th January, just like the Full Moon that occurred two weeks ago on the 2nd January, exacts at around 20 minutes past 2 in the early hours of the morning in the UK, so similarly, it will become a New Moon the day before, late on the 16th January in Western Greenland and the USA.
Also, just like the previous two lunar events I wrote about, those on the 2nd January and the 18th December, this Wednesday’s New Moon is also very strongly Saturnian and Plutonian and the first word that comes to mind for me when bringing these two planets together is strength. Strength (and plenty of it) is available for all of us in abundance during this coming lunar phase, even if some of us have to dig mightily deep for it, because Pluto is a planet who brings resourcefulness when it is needed the most and presents to us those depths we need to dig deep into to reach that which is needed.
With the New Moon now in Capricorn conjoining Pluto and Mars still strong in Scorpio, we can access the best of ourselves and use it to climb heights we didn’t know we were capable of.

Again, this will translate into each of our lives very differently as we all go through our own experiences over the coming weeks. For example, the part of your life represented by the house that this New Moon falls into in your personal chart will provide a concentrated area of focus for you and this is where you are likely to shine more than anything and ‘get things done’. In this area, you are unlikely to shy away from responsibilities (as represented by Saturn and Capricorn) and you can probably recognise that ‘little by little’ counts just as well in the climbing process towards your goals as anything else.
With the New Moon at 26° Capricorn followed closely by Pluto in Capricorn at 19° and tightly conjoining Venus at 23° Capricorn, these are the degrees in your chart you need to look for when reading your houses. Here is my Free Birth Chart calculator page and you can see a good example of the meanings of your houses on popular site Astrotheme, here.

Other planets traversing the sign of Capricorn next week, are Mercury and Saturn, making our collection of planetary energies extra concentrated in this sign. With Jupiter, Mars and Neptune also in feminine signs, the whole lunar configuration is likely to prove useful in the most beneficial of ways for anyone with their Sun and/ or Mars signs in either the Water or Earth element. However, for any sign, this is a great time to begin doing something you have been thinking of doing for a while or a great time to take something out you have put aside for a later date, especially if this thing is something that you wish will hold the very characteristics of this New Moon for itself, such as strength, resourcefulness, durability and a healthy life-span. Saturn and Pluto are planets that are usually in it for the long haul, so, whatever you begin at the time of this New Moon, could well be something that lasts. Use this time wisely, and you could see rewarding results.

Please be aware that the next lunation, on the 31st January, will be a Total Lunar Eclipse, so two weeks following this one, on Wednesday 31st, it will be quite an event, one that I look forward to writing about. With Venus so close to this coming eclipse, the big theme could be Love for many of us or it could be Money, amongst some other things, but this all depends on how the planets will be moving through your unique chart at that time. As I hinted, I will write more about that at a later time.

I feel that a brilliant crystal to hold near during the time of this New Moon period for anybody is Coral Calcite. With its soft and dusky pink appearance it almost resembles Turkish Delight and looks good enough to eat, but I would strongly recommend against trying this! This crystal represents the signs Cancer and Leo, which are opposite and inconjunct to Capricorn, respectively and which I feel will help provide a lovely balance that could compliment the super abundance of Capricorn energy in our Astrological skies right now. Both Saturn and Capricorn are strongly associated with the root chakra and are very grounding, yet when in abundance can also become associated with some pessimism and negativity. As is explained on the Coral Calcite’s page at Healing Crystals, this crystal ‘amplifies one’s virtues and helps one to learn to live by them, by inhibiting the influence of negative energy and by enhancing the positive will’, which will really help whilst beginning a new and important project under the influence of so many planets in Capricorn.

I have included the chart of this New Moon for you all to see at the bottom of this page and you can see for yourself just how concentrated this energy in Capricorn is.

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Best wishes and positive light to all for the coming New Moon period.

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