Full Moon highlights 1st/ 2nd Jan 2018

Highlights forecast for this Full Moon period and the fortnight ahead.

Let’s begin by saying, there are a few striking things about our first Full Moon of 2018, that occurs on the 1st January in Western Greenland and the USA, yet becomes exact on the 2nd January in the UK and most other parts of the world. The first is the Grand Trine pattern in the element of Water that the Moon is joining in on. I’m not sure how many of you are familiar with the nature of the Water element in Astrology, but to give you a hint, Water concerns all of our emotions, our inner depths (think about the large portion of an iceberg that resides underwater), our good sense of intuition and our creativity (in the release of these emotions). This Grand Water Trine is made extremely potent due to the fact that each participating heavenly body, the Moon (in Cancer), Mars (in Scorpio) and Neptune (in Pisces) happen to be in their respective signs of domicile, or that which they rule and this has a brilliant strengthening effect on the energies of each of these planets. Furthermore the three trine aspects facilitate a very easy, automatic flow between the energies of the three.

What does this mean for each of us?? Well, the personal houses of our own unique charts in which each of these reside will give us a clue as to how the Grand Trine of this Full Moon might have the potential to play into our lives. These houses may be part of your emotional focus during this Full Moon and they may even come together in your life in an ‘intuitive connection’. The positions to look out for are the Moon at 11° Cancer, Neptune at 11° Pisces and Mars at 14° Scorpio. You can find out the positions of the houses in your chart on my Free Birth Chart calculator page here and you can also see a good example of the meanings of the houses on popular site Astrotheme, here.

The next unique and striking thing about this Full Moon is the fact that her opposition, the Sun, is actually bringing this Grand Water Trine into another planetary configuration called the Kite Pattern, which places the Sun at the apex within it. The apex of the Kite Pattern naturally concentrates the energies of the Grand Trine into this area, in this case, creating a flow in the direction of the Sun, through which the energies of this trine can potentially be expressed. So, don’t forget to look into the house of yours which the Sun resides during this Full Moon (it’s at 11° Capricorn).

The Sun is a part of a Stellium in Capricorn between itself, Saturn, Venus and Pluto. Both Saturn and Capricorn, in contrast to the meaning of the Water element, are all about the building of material or tangible things and Saturn is at her strongest in Capricorn. For everybody, therefore, this means that we can benefit from building on our personal and creative talents during the time of this Full Moon, especially if we incorporate structure (the structure of Saturn) into our endeavours. If we build into the area of our lives which is represented by our house the Sun is transiting, we may just grow rapidly and find little objection in our way, because we will be working with the alignments of the planets.

Something else to think about .. did you set forward any plans or begin any projects during the time of the New Moon on the 18th December, a couple of weeks ago? Think back to that time. Are you reaping the rewards of that intention now and can you help solidify them by expressing your creative talents? Each of us have very different lives to lead and are following our own unique path, plus we we all have our own obstacles and ‘trials and tribulations’ to go through. Yet we all have our own influences, resources, talents and strengths at our disposal and if we understand the way the planets are aligning for us, we can read their messages and use these to our advantage. Timing is very important when looking at Astrology.

A great stone to work with during the time of this Full Moon is Antigorite, which has a beautiful and unique green shade of colour and both relates to the Astrological sign Capricorn while helping to ‘release emotional blockages and their resulting negative energy’ as explained on the Antigorite information page at on the Healing Crystals website.

Those of you with your personal planets and signs touching near the degrees (give or take a couple) of any of the planets involved in this week’s Kite Pattern, including Jupiter in Scorpio, may feel a special connection to all that is signified by this Kite through your personal planet. I have included a chart of the Full Moon this week, for all of you to see.

If interpreting really isn’t for you, or you’d like me to have an in-depth look at your personal year ahead with no Astrological ‘Mumbo Jumbo’, please have a look at my available Astrology Consultations on my ‘Readings’ page.

Blessings and enjoy the Full Moon period!!

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