New Moon highlights 18th Dec 2017

New Moon

Highlights forecast for this New Moon period and the fortnight ahead.

Following the Third Quarter and Balsamic Moon phases (over the past 7 – 8 days), when we’re usually resting our minds and allowing our internal clutter from the Full Moon to organize itself, gradually putting all of that away to give way to budding ideas and plans, the time is right for a New birth of energies now. This means that whatever you have had to focus on over the past week may have followed this similar shifting pattern and, during the New Moon’s occurrence on Monday, the 18th December and the days surrounding, new plans and intentions will feel much more underway and in motion instead of the recent reflective, internal emotions and dialogues.

Although negotiations and other communications were seemingly very important at the time of the Full Moon on the 3rd December, with this New Moon participating in a Sagittarius stellium with Mercury, Venus and Saturn, the air is full of thoughtfulness, compassion and steady reliability. This stellium is ruled by Jupiter in Scorpio, which is conjoining Mars, so we have presented to us potentials for higher philosophical thought, strength and positive movement.

With all planetary alignments and patterns, comes possibilities of various manifestations of them into your life and the manifestation that occurs for you will greatly depend on how you receive the energies from them. Although Mercury is still retrograde, the retrograde period is thankfully almost over (it ends on the 22nd December), but this does mean that we may still be feeling a little foggy in our minds and communications and dealings with companies may still be staggered and somewhat slow. However, with interplays between the energies of Sagittarius, ruler Jupiter, Venus (the planet of love and compassion) and Mercury, we could receive well enough cheer to set us up through the lunar phases of this festive season.

Not only does Jupiter rule this New Moon, signifying higher thinking, faith, opportunity and vitality, but Saturn is here again, this time by way of direct conjunction and playing even greater significance, with his practicality and sobriety of mind.
So, whichever way you look at it this Monday, these two of the planets will play a huge part in the new ventures that lie ahead for us during the coming weeks. These two planets together are known as ‘the Great Chronocrators’, ‘the Great Time-Keepers’ or ‘the Great Teachers’. Saturn, a teacher through earthly responsibilities and Jupiter, the great spiritual teacher or ‘Guru’.
So, now and in the coming weeks, opportunities to learn by listening carefully to where we are naturally being urged towards and allowing ourselves to venture in these directions will surround us all. Leaving the past behind, letting go and trusting in what the universe has to offer will likely benefit us greatly.

A great crystal to work with these coming weeks is Lapis Lazuli. Not only because it is a recommended stone for working with the energies of Sagittarius and Libra (which are ruled by Jupiter and Venus, respectively – two of the major planetary players in this Monday’s New Moon) but also because it is known to work wonderfully in helping to balance the throat Chakra whilst encouraging ‘clear, truthful expression when sharing information with others’, as explained on the Lapis Lazuli page at Healing Crystals. Mercury will remain slow for a little while, even after his retrograde period finishes on the 22nd, so this could really help with communications while helping clear some of that left-over mental fog.

Those who may be very likely to notice the coming energies of this New Moon the most will have one or more of their personal planets at 26° +/- 2° of either a Fire sign (Aries, Leo or Sagittarius) or a Mutable sign (Sagittarius, Pisces, Gemini or Virgo). Those in Mutable signs will be more likely to be spurred into action through inner tensions leading to creativity and those in Fire signs will likely have this splendid energy come to them in the form of an abundant river that flows with ease. Remember to look to which house in your chart this New Moon falls in to find out which area of your life it is likely to highlight. You can use my free chart calculator here if you need to find out which house this is.

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