Full Moon highlights 3rd Dec 2017

Highlights forecast for this Full Moon period and the fortnight ahead.

The Full Moon in Gemini occurring today highlights negotiations of all types this month and for most of us it can indicate a culmination of our focused energies that have built up over the past few weeks. This is because Geminis ruler, Mercury, has been slowing down ready for its retrograde to station at the time of the Full Moon, today and is also tightly conjoining Saturn. So, whatever has transpired that you may have to reap this week has likely taken a good dose of organisational skills and if responsibilities have been worked with in a positive sense with motivation, in the run up to this Full Moon, it is likely that you will have taken steps that will serve you positively now and in the future.

On the other hand, if new realisations of much required responsibilities have been met by fear from yourselves these past few weeks, including a lack of motivation, you may still be feeling a little set back and possibly even a little under the weather. Using Fluorite may help to keep your worries from progressing into further fears over the coming few weeks and to help cleanse any negative energy you may have accumulated. One way to work with Fluorite is with meditation for fast and effective stress relief. Fear and stress are often associated with Saturn.

Now, with the onset of the Mercury retrograde (this is when the planet appears to be moving backwards in our solar system from our perspective on Earth) following the slowing down of this planet ruling communication and logical thought processes, there is usually some level of miscommunication to look out for, especially regarding banking, corporations and other accounts you may have. Mix this with the fact that this Full Moon is creating a rather neat T-Square with Neptune as its apex, and you have even further possible confusions and hazing of boundaries, which are likely to appear for you in the area of life that is represented by whichever house transit Neptune is moving through in your chart right now. Being the apex of a T-Square, this will likely represent the result of tensions in your life that are now appearing like they are overloaded with a certain pressure that seems to desperately need shifting elsewhere (the tension may even be with another person in your life if the house represents this).

Those of you who have planets or angles between 10 and 13° of Virgo, however, may be able to use these planets or angles through which to shift some of this tension into the opposite house (representing another area of life) of your chart, easing much or all of the pressure. Please use my Free Birth Chart calculator on the free birth chart page of this site if you would like to see which areas of life these are for you and whether you do have any planets between 10 and 13° of Virgo. Neptune is currently at 11°30’ of Pisces.

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