The 11th February 2021 New Moon

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Our next New Moon will be in Aquarius this Thursday, 11th February, at 19:05 here in the UK.

The New Moon on Thursday will be in Aquarius at 23°, marking the start of a fresh journey for all of us this month, with reference to similar energetic themes of a much larger journey that was kickstarted by the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction on the 21st December last year. Important Aquarius configurations and lunations send out ripples of energy, calling us to become more aware of our surroundings and each other. Aquarius is a conscious sign, ruled by the transpersonal planet Uranus, that can act as something of a truth serum both personally and in the collective conscious and this can really help as a glue within society, that binds us together with common goals towards global insight and positive change.

Joining the New Moon in Aquarius are the Mercury retrograde, Saturn in domicile and a partile conjunction between Venus and Jupiter at 12°. Venus and Jupiter so close together like this will bring a huge dose of positive enhancement to the whole effect of the sign of Aquarius, which I think is in some ways helping to mitigate some of the problems usually associated with the Mercury retrograde, especially as Mercury is so supported in the sign of Aquarius already.

That being said, whichever house Uranus is ruling in your chart, this aspect of life for you could receive a real boost of energy this week that turns out to be for the greater good, both for you personally and the collective. Relationships are already highlighted with Venus-Jupiter and the New Moon and finances, growth and working towards greater freedom could prove to be the main focus for many too.

A couple of other things to note that are strengthening factors for Mercury are his snug trine (under two degrees) to the Moon’s North Node in Gemini (Mercury’s sign of domicile) and his square to Mars. Mercury square Mars is intrinsically an aspect of tensions and outbursts, but with Mars in Taurus disposed to the Venus-Jupiter conjunction, the energies of Mars could be controlled and directed towards positive outlets in aid of expansion and creativity, again especially in areas considering money, love, creative/ pleasurable activities and leisure. Uranus in mutual reception with Venus may then increase the likelihood even further of a collective need for original thought and the breaking of new grounds.

New Moon, Thursday 11th February 2021, Whole sign houses

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