Our Full Moon is in Virgo Tomorrow, February 27th!

Full Moon over the sea Astrology photography

There’s a Full Moon in Virgo tomorrow, 27th February, at around 8:17 am in the UK.

Virgo is an Earth sign that is Mutable and ruled by Mercury, so the atmospheric colours and creature comforts that may surround while the Moon is in this sign may be centred around work, keeping busy and being generally helpful and kind towards others. Mercury is all about connecting, but one of the signatures of Virgo is to be able to take in a lot of practical information and deeply analyse it with an accuracy and speed that can really take our goals and ambitions to the next level, regardless of the projects we are currently working on. As an Earth sign, this energy can really help us to juggle several projects simultaneously in order to stay ahead in our day-to-day lives. These are just a few of the great things about having the Moon in Virgo, especially while all other planets are sharing the signs Capricorn through Taurus; we are presented with the opportunity to take advantage of the usual gifts offered by the sign Virgo.

Full Moon event chart. Saturday, 27th February, 08:17, UK

With Mercury, Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius after Mercury turning direct last Sunday on the 21st February, hot and exciting topics right now are those that are accelerated via this Aquarian energy, such as Astrology, Occult Science, Sacred Geometry and other interesting niches that find their way into the esoteric sections of book stores and libraries. All of these planets are strengthened in Aquarius, with Saturn by domicile and Jupiter and Mercury by triplicity and Jupiter even forms a partile trine to the Moon’s North Node in Gemini. Both on personal and collective levels, increased communication and enthusiasm for collaboration and networking are greatly supported by way of these configurations, which I feel is a real booster for our working and social lives, even though we will remain within Mercury’s shadow period until March 13th.

Aside from information-loving Gemini and detail-oriented Virgo, we still have the Mars-Pluto trine in Taurus-Capricorn offering strength, groundedness and stability and the Sun is sharing Pisces with exalted Venus and Neptune in domicile, offering compassion, emotional adaptability and an artistic flair to all of our endeavours.

A note about the Saturn-Uranus square, our most important transit this year

Last Thursday on the 17th of February, we had Saturn square Uranus and this happens again on June 14th and December 24th (Christmas eve 2021). Both Saturn and Uranus are co-rulers of Aquarius while Saturn is in Aquarius and Uranus is currently in Taurus, so we will have some already conflicting energies meeting in a stressful square alignment and this could have a way of calling us into action as a society once confronted with problems that will likely be difficult to ignore, relating to outdated constructs and restrictions in our working lives that have always been there, but are now being highlighted by Uranus. Uranus will play as the disruptive planet in this alignment, but he also represents the new freedoms that we will be experiencing this year and how we will need to adapt creatively to the huge shifts that happened during the pandemic last year, while the conjunctions of Saturn and Jupiter with Pluto moved through Capricorn.

It could be a tense time and we will likely be faced to confront fears and shift and grow through this, but it could be ultimately cathartic. It may also mean that this is a year that the patriarchy of society or the State/ Government and Astrology as its own subject is finally called to ‘see’ and respond to one another, which would make sense with the rate that Astrology is becoming more popular at this time.

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Blessings to all.

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