It’s a Full Moon in Libra on Sunday!

Full Moon over the sea Astrology photography

There’s a Full Moon in Libra this Sunday, 28th March, at 7:48 pm in the UK.

The Full Moon in Libra will be forming a nice grand air trine with Saturn in Aquarius and a Mars – North Node conjunction in Gemini. This then forms a kite pattern when the South Node is also taken into account here. In fact, it forms two; one with South Node at the apex and the other with the Sun at the apex. So when we look at these in terms of focal points, it could mean that we’re feeling driven right now to go ahead and put the things into motion that have been mulling around in our heads over the past few months or even longer. There might be a range of different things and these might be things that a very air element things to do such as writing, talking, socialising, networking, sharing ideas and following ambitions etc. Anything shared with an audience or groups of people are air sign things to do. We may find we are stepping into these things almost instinctively while seeking emotional balance with the Moon in Libra as part of this configuration. With the Sun also at an apex position in almost exact conjunctions with Venus and Chiron, we may also feel compelled to fall into an act now, think later kind of mode and this also shows that a) we can be warriors of compassion and support for one another, especially where romance is concerned and b) this can be used to fuel our passion in our artistic and creative endeavours.

Full Moon event chart. Sunday, 28th March, 7:48 pm, UK

With Mercury in conjunction with Neptune in Pisces, we may find that trying to make solid plans and schedules are not necessarily working for us right now as they usually do or in the way that we intend, because Pisces and Neptune can work to dissolve structures and anything concrete and Mercury is a planet that usually likes to organise and make daily plans. Neptune rules Pisces, so the energy of Neptune is strong in this sign while Mercury isn’t too comfortable here, so your usually logical mind may be hit with waves of, ‘what’s going on here?’ or ‘ok then, maybe we’ll just have to keep going and hope for the best.’ Another way we might experience this Mercury-Neptune conjunction is by revealing greater compassion in the way we think, which may mean we are all generally less judgemental towards others at this time and we may desire to escape from our own thoughts, the ones that we feel may be weighing us down or bothering us. Of course with Neptune in Pisces right here, there are many great ways to escape and Neptune fully supports anything arty, expressive or creative. Even going for a nice walk in the countryside may bring you tons of inspiration. All you empaths out there may find you are dreaming prophetically, too, at this time or experiencing more vivid dreams at least, because Neptune rules the dream world and anything that happens in the realm of your unconscious mind.

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Blessings to all.

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