Our Full Moon in Leo this Thursday, January 28th!

Full Moon over the sea Astrology photography

There’s a Full Moon in Leo this Thursday, 28th January, at around 7:16 pm in the UK.

If you’re feeling more optimistic, excited and positive this week than you have in a while, this may be because we are receiving a great ol’ dose of energy from Jupiter, as he will be in exact conjunction with the Sun and opposition from the Moon this Thursday. Because it’s a Full Moon, we can experience these energies a week or even more prior to the event, especially if we have our own personal alignments with the event chart of the Full Moon. Jupiter, the planet of enthusiasm and optimism is now becoming freer of Saturn’s ties and strictures as he moves on faster through the zodiac and on Thursday, his energies are further boosted by the confident and bold energies of our Sun and vice versa. This means we have a double-whammy of positive energy lighting up the sky.

Full Moon event chart. Thursday, 28th December, 19:16, UK

The Mars-Uranus conjunction in Taurus will form the crux of a T-square with the Full Moon, meaning an urge to get on our feet and fix things or do something else spontaneous could prevail, with Moon in fire sign Leo and Sun in Aquarius supportive of these energies. Many Astrologers would usually associate the Mars-Uranus conjunctions with accidents and explosive outbursts, especially when under so much tension with this configuration, yet we do still have Saturn in domicile in Aquarius, conjoining the Sun hence adding some stability and Mars is in Fixed Earth sign Taurus, a sign that is often calm and slow to react.

There may also be something of a collective spiritual awakening this Full Moon, which to me feels very much like an eclipse in strength, yet technically it isn’t. Whereas during a lunar eclipse, the Full Moon will occur close to the Moon’s nodes, during this Full Moon, it will be closely conjoining the nodal axis of Neptune, a planet known to represent spiritual awakenings, the falling away of the ego veil and a realisation that we are all connected as a universal entity as opposed to separate beings. Hygeia will also be conjoining the Full Moon, so general well-being, spiritual health and nutrition and cleanliness may become more of a focus for many towards the end of this month.

Finally, with Venus tightly conjoining Pluto in Capricorn, there may be some extra powerful and deeply heartfelt everyday experiences as our heart chakras as represented by Venus may be more opened to empathy and vulnerability. Meditation, journeying into the unknown, consciousness awakening and transformational goals I feel are likely to be accelerated during this Full Moon, something I feel is a must to take advantage of.

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Blessings to all.

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