Personal Full Moon Reading




What’s in store for you?? You can now order your personal Full Moon reading in time for the Full Moon. An insightful interpretation tailored just for you and your natal chart is your chance to see how the energies of the cosmos during the Full Moon will be interacting with the natal positions in your chart and your houses. How do all these energies tie in with your current circumstances?? My Full Moon readings are £32 (or $41 USD) and come with a 30-minute consultation and a copy of your natal chart with your Full Moon transits.

Personal Full Moon readings are prepared in time for the Full Moon, so you can see where the celestial planets and points could be activated in your life, you can email me from my contact page to book this.

How the Full Moon may energise you very much depends on the latent qualities already present in your natal chart and how many of your natal points line up with the planets in the chart of the Full Moon. When looking at your natal chart we can also see which areas of your life these energies are most likely to activate so you can prepare for them and make the most of what the cosmos is conveying with the intricate and ancient language of Astrology.

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30 min consultation and a natal chart with Full Moon transits included

Please email me and I will find us a slot for your booking that works for you. You will need your birth date, your place of birth and time of birth.

I do accept clients from the USA and other parts of the world than the UK; right now the currency conversion in USD is $41.


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