Learn Astrology 6-week beginner’s course


Learn astrology in an informal environment with other astrology enthusiasts on Zoom

No previous knowledge is needed.


6-week beginner’s course on Zoom

(can lead to a certificate)

Astrology building blocks – The Fundamentals

Week 1 ~ What is astrology? Exploring astrology, the different types, and a brief history of astrology.

Week 2 ~ The signs, elements & modalities.

Week 3 ~ The symbologies of the planets in our natal charts and the various ways they represent functions of our character and psyche.

Week 4 ~ How to interpret the personal planets in the zodiac signs. Begin your own journey into creative interpretation!

Week 5 ~ Delving into the structure of the natal chart, the four angles, and the meanings of each of the houses.

Week 6 ~ Tools for interpreting the transpersonal planets, with example charts for entering into deeper analysis.


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