The Full Moon ~ 30th December 2020

Full Moon over the sea Astrology photography

There’s a Full Moon in Cancer this Wednesday (tomorrow), 30th December, at around 3:28 am in the UK. It’s the final Full Moon of the year!

The Full Moon tomorrow is all about our emotional and nurturing instincts, our subtle spiritual bodies and finding a balance between these things and our practical pursuits, day-to-day living and our working lives. I feel that the healing theme has definitely rolled over again from previous months, only this time, instead of the delay in expression or release that accompanied the symbolism of the Full Moon last month, ascension into greater spiritual awareness and healing are now focal points and could be experienced a little more profoundly with Chiron in Aries acting as the crux of a T-square with the Moon and Sun on the Capricorn-Cancer axis. Potentials for transforming how we deal with and think about practical responsibilities are highlighted, with Pluto in the same house and sign as the Sun and Mercury and having those brilliant light-bulb moments and boundless wells of creativity to enable us to do this is a positive vibration that is offered by the cosmos with Uranus in Taurus forming swift-access trines with the Sun and Moon.

Full Moon event chart. Wednesday, 30th December, 3:28 am, UK

There’s another marvellous configuration in tomorrow’s Full Moon chart, which is the partile Venus-Vertex opposition that will lie so neatly on the Moons South and North Nodes, reflecting back at us an openness to chance meetings with karmic relationships, possible shifts in the spiritual essence of our romantic unions and potential financial surprises for us that may come in the form of some welcomed good news. Neptune is then receiving some cross-over impact from this configuration, which may mean that we could find this Full Moon leaving us feeling as though we are swimming through ethereal surrealism, sometimes a little dazed and often with a greater desire to daydream than usual.

It seems to me that there are lots of vibrational energies increasing in frequency to take us through to the New Year this week, even while Mars is technically still forming a square aspect with Pluto, albeit separating in aspect. This may simply add to the intensity of those significations I already mentioned, blessing us with the gifts of the drive to succeed and push through the next couple of weeks. Neptune and Venus are planets of release and their mutable placements offer much deeper insight and propensity for change, therefore we may find greater opportunities to fully releasing and realising those emotional themes that have been building for us throughout previous months.

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Blessings to all.

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