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Full Moon over the sea Astrology photography

Tips for making the most out of the coming Full Moon

There’s a Full Moon this Wednesday, the 24th October, exacting at around 4:45pm in the UK.

The Moon at 1°13′ Taurus is all about those creature comforts and kicking back with those closest to you, so this week (especially as it’s the school holidays here in the UK), it will be great to just find yourself time to relax and have fun. Because there may have been high levels of productivity for the majority of the year so far, with Saturn in domicile and creating such brilliant aspects with so many of our Full Moons, it looks like we can finally begin to see some benefits for all our hard work and therefore ease off a little.

Not only has Saturn been a solid companion for us and at his best energetically all year, but he has also been bathing in Pluto’s energy, which has meant not only productivity for us, but renewal and deep transformation too in the ways that we take on, fulfil and respect our responsibilities.

With Venus conjoining the Sun this time, Uranus conjoining the Moon and Saturn trining the Moon, there should be so much in the way of creative ideas and enthusiasm for hobbies this week, both for fun and simply enjoying the craft of building something up, whether that be ourselves and our knowledge about a craft, or something physically in the making. It will be unsurprising if many of us unexpectedly take on new hobbies that we have had the intention to take on for a long time, yet have for some reason never quite gotten around to it. Venus in retrograde often has a way of taking us back in time, you see. One question is, will new hobbies mainly be another way of expressing our emotion, with Sun, Venus, Mercury and Jupiter in Scorpio?

This brings us to Mercury. Conjoining Jupiter in Scorpio, this week is a brilliant week for expressing emotions through any artistic medium, especially anything associated with Mercury, such as our Voice, hands, through writing and especially through networking and socialising. My advice is that if, by any chance, there is something you need to do that requires expressing emotion in any way that you have been putting off, this week is a good week to do it, with Jupiter, Uranus, Venus and Saturn on your side, positive results are likely to be long lasting.

I have included a chart of the Full Moon at the bottom of this page.

Blessings, from Gemma at Vine Astrology.


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