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Full Moon over the sea Astrology photography

Tips for making the most out of the coming Full Moon

There’s a Full Moon this Tuesday, the 25th September, exacting at around 2:50am in the UK.

The Full Moon, at 1°59′ Aries, could bring about an air of relief for many of us this week, as Aries is a sign that is known to enthusiastically bounce forwards through any dilemma or event, which could perhaps help some of us to become ’emotionally unstuck’ from some of the things that have been weighing on our minds and our hearts lately. The Moon symbolises our inner, most sensitive worlds and the Full Moon especially has a tendency to help guide us through these in different ways, depending on the signs that are involved and the aspects in the Full Moon chart.

With Saturn strengthened in Capricorn and in a tight square with both the Sun and the Moon, this is a tense time that demands action for many and positive outcomes will favour responsible communications (as opposed to irresponsible ones), so those of us seeking to find a much needed harmonious balance between our core sense of self and our emotional beings, please take note of this. For anything that is entered into with a healthy mindset and the best, most responsible intentions right now, results are likely to be great and long-lasting. Thus following, this Full Moon could feel cathartic in many ways, just like the Aries’ energy is expected to, yet thankfully lacking in the usual level of over-aggression that any planet in Aries can sometimes bring (especially if the planet is conflicted with another aggressive planet/ sign), which can bring us a much needed sense of safety to move forward. After all, the Moon will be balanced by the Sun in Libra, which will be conjoined by Mercury (the ruler of communications), also in Libra. Wherever Venus and the Sun are in your chart, these are areas of life that your level of responsibility or caution is likely to help you in. Just remember, that when I speak of communications, I refer to body language as well as speech!

I have included a chart of the Full Moon at the bottom of this page.

Blessings, from Gemma at Vine Astrology.


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