The Partial Solar Eclipse, 15th February 2018

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Your forecast for this The Partial Solar Eclipse period and the fortnight ahead.

The New Moon next week, on Thursday, will be a Partial Solar Eclipse, which is the New Moon directly following the Super Blue Blood Moon Total Lunar Eclipse on the 31st January. A Partial Solar Eclipse is a special event of its own accord, Astrologically, but the fact that these two occur one after the other in such a fashion gives this time, in early 2018, even greater strength of significance for us all. Whatever you cleared away in your life or realised within yourself during the time of the Super Moon Total Lunar Eclipse at the end of last month, could have in fact paved the way for something brilliant to happen for you when this new Partial Solar Eclipse takes position in the sky, on Thursday 15th February and together, these could even have the potential to set the tone (or certainly contribute towards setting the tone) that may play as a backdrop in your life throughout the whole of 2018. Eclipses have a way of doing this, especially when they are clustered together in such a way. They tend have a particular potency, which is a good deal above that of regular Full and New Moons and each unique cluster of Eclipses (bearing in mind that no two Eclipses carry the same significance or meaning) very likely carries its own blend of energies that may touch everybody’s life differently.

So, what will this Solar Eclipse on Thursday mean for you? I know this is the question you really want to ask and I have to tell you, unfortunately, that the answer to this question is not as straight forward as we would all like. For, for everybody who reads this article, we are all so different and unique from one-another, especially in an Astrological sense, with our birthdays in different years, on different days and at different times, that this Eclipse is sure to play out in the lives of us all in different ways. Especially given the fact that also, we all have different backgrounds, upbringings, surroundings, faiths and opportunities that await us. So I can’t answer answer for everybody individually in just one article. I can, however, talk (or write!) about the broader, more general significance of our approaching Eclipse on Thursday by way of interpreting the symbols and their positions on the plot, or graph, if you like, that represents where the relative positions of the heavenly bodies in our Solar System will be during what will no doubt be this beautifully energetic Astrological event.

Full and New Moons are known to cast a shadow (or light) forwards and backwards for anything from a few days up to a week in time either side of them, so that they can be felt or attributed to an influence within a window of time, rather than just one day. For Eclipses, this time can become much longer, hence my above reference to them potentially creating a backdrop for 2018. What’s more, other New and Full Moons throughout the year can re-trigger their energies, especially if there are tight aspects between the New or Full Moons and the previous Eclipse in question.

In that light, what better time to experience a lovely eclipse than the day directly after Valentines day?! For all you single people out there, this could mean meeting someone new who could go on to prove to have a big impact in your life throughout 2018. So if you are single, I definitely encourage you to go out, date and mingle! Although the Solar Eclipse will be in (hence flavoured by) Aquarius, a sign which is notoriously independent and difficult to pin down emotionally, it will be sharing energies with planet of love, Venus (albeit somewhat loosely) and this Eclipse will be dancing towards the end of Aquarius, close enough for sensual and sentimental sign Pisces to lend an air of romance for anybody at the ready and willing to go with their Eclipse antennae.

But, a much bigger player in this coming Eclipse on Thursday is Mercury, our planet of communications, the voice (including singing), contracts, banking and administration and anything to do with the mind, thinking and learning. I should also say, that our Mercury will blend perfectly well with the energies of Aquarius, which is a sign related to the higher mind, thought, altruism, communications within large groups and philanthropy. Furthermore, Mercury will connect strongly with Uranus, the ruling planet of the Eclipse, which could help to bring anything from an electric, exciting and energetic theme for some people to a complex, information/ technology filled theme that remains as unpredictable as it was unexpected to others. Whichever way this Eclipse touches your life, a chance to pioneer independently or begin something that feels ultimately freeing for you is even further heightened by Uranus’ placement in Aries and Mars’ current travels through adventure loving sign, Sagittarius.

The personal houses that this coming Eclipse might fall in for you that could be most likely to spell romance and/ or a positive boost for your relationships this Valentines are houses five, seven and eight (the eighth house especially for representing true intimacy and marriages). So if the Eclipse falls into any of these houses for you, you may have a wonderful holiday to look forward to that (as I mentioned above) could be filled with clear and respectful communication, thoughtfulness and the swapping of new ideas of progress and of the future.
If this Eclipse falls into your tenth house or your sixth house, the theme surrounding this Eclipse for you could be regarding your career, your climbing of the social ladder within society or higher education and other work or daily tasks. If it is in your fourth house there could be great potential for new themes in your home and family life. These are just some examples for you to work with, but I am sure there are many more possibilities based on the astounding uniqueness and complexity of your chart and you!

For those of you who would like to know much more about what this Thursday’s Eclipse could mean for you, personally, I will be offering special Eclipse reports over the next week, until Sunday 18th February. For a low cost of £25 (conversion to dollars for those of you in the USA will be a simple process and may work out at around $30) your report will contain approximately 1,000 words (possibly more) and will include interpretations between the Planets of the Eclipse and your birth chart, a bi-wheel showing where in your chart the planets of the Eclipse will fall and a 30 minute informal, friendly Skype call for any questions you may have or explanations you may feel you need about your reading. You can contact me here on my Contact Page or on my Facebook Page to make arrangements. Please make sure you have an email address to send the report to and a Skype account for calling.

For those of you who are interested in seeing a chart of this Eclipse for yourselves, I have included one at the bottom of this page for your reference.

Blessings to all and I hope your Solar Eclipse experience next week to be a positive one.


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