The Full Moon in Pisces This Saturday, the 10th of September!

The Full Moon in Pisces on the 10th September

This month’s Full Moon is on Saturday the 10th of September. With the Moon at 17°41’ Pisces, we can be hopeful there’s a fairly easy-going time in store for us as far as Full Moon periods can go. Whilst we have the Mercury retrograde to take into consideration along with some square alignments that may test our strength, we have some lovely, flowing aspects that can offer us some ease throughout the weekend. Trine aspects at the time of the Full Moon can help us to create and maintain balance in our lives and, as the Pisces Moon conjoins loving and compassionate Neptune, this could help to soften the edges of our square experiences whilst encouraging a sense of higher love between us as a collective, hopefully, both on a personal level and within society.

The Pisces – Virgo Axis

The Pisces – Virgo axis represents both service and idealism. Whilst Pisces and Virgo are both signs of the zodiac that represent these characteristic qualities, each can tend to represent them in some starkly different ways from the other. Pisces’ idealistic nature seeks and hopes for greater compassion and peace amongst us as Virgo’s can very much desire productive organisation within humanity, including the ways we work towards these things. Together, these opposite signs can make a huge difference as their energies are compatible in working towards a greater whole. These signs are theoretically two sides of a coin, as they complement one another well and unite as an amazing team. Acting on behalf of their idealism, Pisces will serve with emotional understanding and love, helping people on their spiritual paths towards enlightenment and fulfilment. Virgo quite often serves humanity in the most practical ways in offering their all as essential pillars of the community, whilst keeping the big wheel turning as their method of expressing universal love towards mankind.

Venus Squares Mars

Venus’ square will soften Mars’ harsher edges, especially in terms of his role as the aggressor or the fighter. Concurrently, the square aspect here means there’s a danger of softening Mars so much, whilst adding that dash of sensuality from Venus, that there’s a much higher likelihood of hedonism, over-indulgence, with perhaps even some laziness. Planet of action Mars is placated by Venus. Whilst this happens, our planet of love Venus is empowered by Mars’ forthright nature hence we may feel an extra inclination in pursuing romance or in spending more impulsively. We may impulsively spend on indulgence, pursue pleasures or finally scratch that itch that has needed scratching. This is an aspect of creative tension that will work to oppose or smooth conflicts, perhaps even taking us towards some charming social activities.

Uranus in trine to the Sun

Adding to the mix is Uranus in a trine aspect with the Sun, strengthened with quite a tight applying orb (01°07’). As this aspect is formed, we tend to be feeling much more confident in those parts of our identities that make us unique or different. Specifically, those things about us that set us apart from everyone else are the very things that make us shine and we’re not shy about this nor is there any shame in the expression of it. Therefore there’s a real comfortability in our true selves and our self-image this weekend. We’re also more inclined to seek freedom in expression under this aspect, especially in doing things we might not typically entertain the thought of. Overall it’s a positive aspect.

Mars will Square the Sun and Moon

Mars’ square to both the Sun and the Moon this Saturday could perhaps coincide with some frustrations, despite the placating effect Venus will have on Mars. As Mars also squares the Moon in Pisces, certain frustrations could become repressed or brushed under the carpet, perhaps leading to greater frustrations later on. There could also be a much higher experienced need for verbal expression, evidently with Mercury’s presence through the signs he rules, such as Gemini (Mars’ placement) and Virgo (in the placement of Sun and Venus). Retrograde Mercury is in Libra also, so Mercury is seeking balance and grace, yet there may also be some misunderstandings and miscommunications to smooth out.

Jupiter opposes Mercury

Jupiter’s opposition to Mercury can even further strengthen desires for expression this Saturday, yet with both of these planets in retrograde, certain obstacles to communications could highlight a need to review spiritual morals and beliefs, especially in relation to past events. Our perceptions, ideas and our mindset in regards to these are all linked, so we could spend some time considering these and the deeper meaning behind them.

Saturn will Square Uranus

Uranus in square to Saturn can work to disrupt Saturn’s sturdy constructs and foundations, giving way to some major changes in the things we’ve been used to relying on long-term. Socially and politically, this includes constructs within government or the patriarchy and in business, we could be working towards some much-needed reformations in our core principles so we can meet new responsibilities in order to progress in line with the times. Individually, this could be seen as being called to create changes that would ultimately involve shifts that have the potential to increase our personal freedoms, our maturity levels and how we nurture our relationships as a result.

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