The Aries Full Moon this Sunday

2022-10-09 Full Moon Oct 2022 Aries

This month’s Full Moon is on Sunday the 9th of October, with the Moon at 16°32’ Aries. Since the New Moon on the 25th of September, Venus has played an important role in our current lunation cycle as during each phase she’s conjoined the Sun in Libra, thus forming an opposition with the Moon in Aries this weekend. Even during the last quarter Moon phase on the 17th of September, before the New Moon this current cycle, Venus formed an almost exact square with Mars in the mutable signs of Virgo and Gemini, respectively. This is important because Mars represents our passions, raw energy, our frustrations and anger, while Venus represents our romantic relationships and our sensual pleasures in life and these two at odds with one another during a time when we’re halfway between the Full Moon and the New suggests that clearances are being made relating to both passions and anger in our romantic relationships. That this process directly preceded the current cycle, which is intimately connected with Venus via conjunction with the Sun the whole way through, means many of us may have been clearing out the closet to make way for a new and more balanced (Libra) way of approaching relationships.

The New Moon on the 25th of September

At the time of the New Moon, Venus and Mercury were closing in on their conjunction (as Mercury was retrograde) and both opposed the Neptune retrograde in Pisces. Both in Virgo, there may have been some perfectionism with a focus on personal achievements or revisiting past issues or ideas via communications. There may have also been some confusion regarding these. Money and social settings could have played a big role too, as these are also represented by Venus. Whichever rhythm this represents for you, we’ve all been set for a lunation cycle of expansion and growth relating to all the reviewing we may have been bringing to our spiritual beliefs and morals lately (or justice, wisdom and higher knowledge) since Jupiter turned retrograde on the 28th of July, as the New Moon closely opposed the Jupiter retrograde.

Movements into Libra

We then had the first quarter Moon one week ago on the 3rd, which was another period of adjustments in terms of money, love, pleasure and/ or our social lives. By this time Venus had moved into Libra, so the focus may have shifted towards balance, harmony and figuring out how we can please others in relationships or create more balance and connectivity. At this time, the Moon was in Capricorn whilst the square between Saturn and Uranus was really closing in, so we may have also shifted our focus onto business, money, sustainability and how we could make changes in work to reach greater security or how we could bring more progressive values into our lives.

The Culmination Point this Weekend

Now it’s the time of the Full Moon and we’ve reached the highest and most critical point of this cycle. Remember the Jupiter signature at the time of the New Moon; now, during the Full Moon is when the real expansion process awakens within us and gives in to the full gleaming light of the Moon at her peak. What did we begin working on near the New Moon on the 25th of September and which new themes began to enter into our lives back then? Now is the time we can reap the benefits of our efforts or gain greater insight and consciousness on these themes so we can assimilate our learnings into our knowledge (before hopefully blossoming them into increased wisdom).

The Aries – Libra Axis

The Aries – Libra axis represents the balance between independence and interdependence, leading/ pioneering vs supporting and choosing autonomy vs thriving together. As Aries propels through individual creativity with passion, forward momentum and drive, Libra prioritises peace, grace and shared pleasure in all meanings and facets. With the Moon in Aries, there’s a culmination that gifts us and makes way for our independence and autonomy whilst we’re simultaneously centered in our relationships and in finding ways to bring in greater cooperation and harmony.

The Sun, Mars and Saturn’s Trine

All this comes with the help of structured and responsible Saturn, who trines the Sun in Libra whilst sextiling the Moon in Aries. This Full Moon may bring openings in business and work or help us push through to begin or continue new projects with determination and gusto. The trine Saturn and the Sun share with Mars at 22° Gemini offers us even further determination for reaching new goals and seeking new heights. From a space of cleansing via difficult aspects with Mars (the last quarter Moon), to a fresh beginning with Venus and expansive Jupiter (the New Moon) and then onto this month’s peak lunation with Venus, Mars and Saturn in their harmonious air-sign dance, I wish you all the very best in your movements towards your desired ambitions.

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