There’s a Full Moon in Aries Today, the 20th of October 2021

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Today’s Full Moon in Aries happens at 3:57 pm BST. With all of the planets in masculine signs apart from generational planets Uranus, Neptune and Pluto, this suggests lots of focus within our closest, personal spheres. Life from a sociological perspective may have really slowed down following the pandemic and now more and more people are simply focused on getting their working and home lives back on track.

Our Full Moon this month occurs just after four of our planets in the solar system have turned direct, so there’ll be a lovely surge of positive activity to help propel us forwards in our goals, especially this week around the time of the Full Moon, so make the most of the opportunities that are coming your way this week. There’ll be a good amount of luck and expansion, because Jupiter turned direct on the 18th of October and now, during the Full Moon, Jupiter is trining action planet Mars.

It’s on the Aries – Libra Axis

The Aries – Libra axis is the self versus partnership axis, which highlights our self-expressions both alone and as we find our balance and harmony with others. Aries leads the way with unfiltered creativity while Libra refines these creations, making them a pleasure for the world to experience. This further personalises the meaning of October’s Full Moon, as we continue to make compromises between ourselves and others, not just in our relationships, but with the greater world as we aim for our goals too.

Pluto Squares the Full Moon

Pluto is in Capricorn in a square to this axis, so is receiving plenty of tension and pressure from the Full Moon’s energy. Pluto is the crux of this T-Square formation and therefore takes on a dynamic position now, so there could be some push and pull within our relationships, both family and romantic. The push-pull dynamics relating to struggles for personal power could colour this week and the few weeks that ran up to the Full Moon for many of us. After this, any dramas should begin to wane as the phase of this Moon’s cycle starts to wane too.

Mars will Conjoin the Sun

Mars conjoining the Sun in Libra is another reason there may be some ego clashes, especially because of practical issues or the balance of responsibilities. As Pluto is in Capricorn and Mars tightly squares Pluto, themes surrounding obligation and restraint are likely. Our core self-image comes into focus now as we may feel a strong sense of injustice and a need to defend ourselves. However, with Mercury, Mars and the Sun in Libra, we may still want to remain as diplomatic as possible. We may all need to take some time out for self-care this week, especially if tensions contribute to an increase in anxiety for us in our close relationships.

Mars Closely Trines Jupiter

One of the more positive aspects this week is Mars in a close trine with Jupiter. Jupiter has just turned direct in Aquarius where he’s already happy in his expressions and his trine to Mars will further boost his strength. This positive energy may be just what we need to reach our goals and cooperate with others despite some inevitable tensions. Actually, this Full Moon is a great time to get lots of work done or even to go out, play and take some time off. Jupiter’s buoyancy in trine to Mars can definitely increase the likelihood of fun and excitement. The only thing I would advise is to perhaps refrain from taking many huge risks at this time.

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Blessings to all.

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