There’s a Full Moon in Cancer Today, the 17th of January 2022

Today’s Full Moon in Cancer is later on in the evening at 23:47 pm UT. This is the first Full Moon we have this year and right now, we’re likely to be feeling just that little more emotional, sentimental and intuitive than normal, as is usually the theme at the time of a Full Moon in Cancer.

Right now the North and South nodes are right over the critical 00° degree points of Gemini and Sagittarius, respectively. This is the critical point of the social and education axis, so this Full Moon period is a great time to take on any last chances to make changes to your social plans or plans for academic self-improvement. The North Node will enter into Taurus, the day after, on the 18th of January.

It’s on the Cancer – Capricorn Axis

The Cancer – Capricorn axis is the axis of survival, safety and security, so many of us may simply feel like spending some extra time at home in a zone of comfort around this period. The focus of this time for many of us is family and staying close to our roots whilst grounded in reality. Our creature comforts are important to us right now. As the Full Moon period is often a time of reaping rewards, this may be a time we begin to see more positive returns on the practical efforts we have been making since the New Moon in Capricorn back on the 2nd of January, so our general sense of security may be enhanced, especially if we’ve been working hard towards this goal.

The Mercury and Venus Retrograde Overlap

At this time we are now three days into our Mercury retrograde in Aquarius, while Venus will remain retrograde in Capricorn for another twelve days until the 29th of January, so this Full Moon period and for the next (almost) two weeks, time may seem to slow down somewhat. It’s still a great time for re-organising and scheduling work and home-related duties in order to free up time and energy for ourselves and to make way for the new, creative plans in our lives to emerge and come to fruition. We may also feel inclined to change our looks or re-start any health and diet regimes we previously gave up on. Just remain careful with things relating to the Mercury retrograde, such as communications, documents, technology and large purchases etc at this time.

Pluto Conjoins the Sun

With Pluto conjoining the Sun, we are being called to look deep within ourselves for the answers to any struggles we are having in our relationships at this time, especially those we have internalised or kept hidden for a long time. If you have personal planets towards the late degrees of Aries, Cancer, Libra or Capricorn, this would especially apply to you, but this is likely to touch upon the lives of all of us as Pluto is a social and generational planet. Pay attention to any vivid dreams or visions you have around this time and take note of your hunches because Pluto in opposition to the Full Moon in Cancer could bring you some very valuable hints and tips in this way, on moving forwards with personal goals towards healing and clarity in your relationships at this time.

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