New Moon ~ 15th November 2020

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There’s a New Moon in Taurus this Sunday, 15th November, at 05:07 in the UK.

The New Moon this Sunday is in Scorpio at 23°, trining Neptune, which is in domicile in Pisces and this means that we have a wonderfully watery New Moon coming up for us this weekend. The water sign energy can heighten our intuition and general sensitivity, so this is a great time to meditate to listen more closely to the things your gut has been trying to tell you over the past two months, while Mars has been retrograde.

Yes Mars, our fiery, red planet that is most comfortable blazing onward with vigour has been on his [apparent] backwards path since the 9th September, so it is not unusual at all if you have been feeling somewhat stifled or like you’re trudging through mud lately. Now on this day Friday 13th, while I am writing this article, Mars is finally moving direct-wards again so we can happily invite some greater movement and confidence into our lives from this day, going forward. Things might seem a lot clearer during the New Moon too, for this reason.

I always feel that New Moons are a brilliant time to set new intentions in hope that the universe will open to our calling and this is because the energy that is manifested at the time of a New Moon typically acts as a newly-planted seed that grows and builds for the whole of the next two weeks, which is then released at and around the time of the Full Moon. This month the Full Moon will be on Monday 30th November at 9:30 am. The New Moon is a great time for personal rituals and even intentions that are set purely with thought. This is also why it is essential to be mindful of your intentions because what goes out really does come back, often as quickly as the tides of the Moon depict, in the space of a few weeks.

Another wonderful thing about this New Moon is that is so closely sextiles the Jupiter-Pluto conjunction in Capricorn at 22 and 23° Capricorn and, as Pluto is Scorpio’s ruler and Jupiter has his own way of amplifying anything he comes into contact with, those feelings of heightened sensitivity and awareness I mentioned at the start of this article may mingle with the beneficial rays of Jupiter, while the energies of Pluto and Scorpio do their usual work to uncover anything that has been hidden or swept under the carpet throughout the Mars retrograde.

So, here’s to moving forward (with vigour), some much-needed emotional investigation and un-cluttering and finally shaking off the Mars retrograde haze that has been holding us all back.

New Moon in Scorpio15th November 2020
New Moon, Sunday 15th November 2020

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