The Full Moon (penumbral eclipse) ~ 30th November 2020

Full Moon over the sea Astrology photography

There’s a Full Moon in Gemini this Monday (or tomorrow), 30th November, at around 9:30 am in the UK. It’s a Full Moon penumbral eclipse!

The Full Moon this Monday in Gemini will be energetically disposed to Mercury in Scorpio, who will be in an applying sextile to Saturn after separating from the same aspect to Jupiter. This means that the week surrounding the Full Moon, either side, maybe a time many of us find ourselves deep in thought, heavily pondering on certain aspects of our lives that have been niggling at us throughout the year. Perhaps it is coming to a time where we could finally look towards mending these little (or huge) annoyances that have been getting in the way of our general peace and happiness, once and for all. Wouldn’t it be amazing to begin 2021 with something that we feel truly resembles a fresh start for us? I know I would!

Full Moon event chart. Monday, 30th November, 9:30am, UK

Not only do we have this deep and ponderous energy permeating our collective unconscious, but the Moon this Monday will also only be forming hard aspects to other planets, including a sesquiquadrate to both Pluto and Jupiter, a quincunx to Venus and a square to Ceres, which means that there may also be quite some emotional or internal tension for many of us that we can’t quite seem to find the healing door to yet, as some frustrations hang in the air, ready for release. It’s true that emotions may usually have their time of instinctual release around the Full Moon, yet with these tense aspects to and from the Moon, with her lack of trines and disposition to Mercury in Scorpio, the release could be somewhat delayed. On Tuesday, the Moon conjoins our North Node, although she does square Neptune in the process, perhaps bringing forth sensations of fogginess and confusion.

Still, I do feel that healing is a theme that has carried on with us throughout previous months and it is here again with us this weekend, especially as our Sun is trining Chiron in Aries from Sagittarius. Additionally, there are positive, flowing aspects from Mars to Hygeia, the lunar nodes and to the Sun, so general health, wellness and vitality are strong. Overall a positive Full Moon I feel, so let’s see how this unfolds for us all. What has been your personal healing theme or mission over the past few months and what are your own experiences?

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Blessings to all.

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