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The Post ~ 14th September 2019

There’s a Full Moon in Pisces next Saturday, the 14th September, exacting at around 04:30 am in the UK.

This Full Moon is all about service, self sacrifice and the renewal of efforts towards the well-structured plans we have had in place so far throughout this year, as we aim further towards our long-term goals and well-thought-out projects. There may have been times this year when we have felt less faithful or like times are a little too hard, but this Full Moon on Saturday and both the preceding and following weeks should finally help bring about a sense of newness of hope or a new boost of gusto.

This is because, while the Moon will be at 21° Pisces and the Sun at 21° Virgo, the two signs of self-sacrifice and service, they will both be forming ultra streamlined and favourable aspects with Pluto, who is conjoining Saturn in Capricorn and this configuration in and of itself is all about structure, long-term goals and achievements and deeply penetrating will-power and strength.

So, while Saturn is signifying our long-term goals, he is well connected to the previous months we have experienced this year and last year because of the amount of strong Saturn aspects that have occurred during Full and New Moons during that period. Especially, with being in such a special time for Saturn enclosing in on his conjunction with Pluto while in his domicile.

We can very much rely on our intuition here with the Moon conjoining Neptune, also in domicile in Pisces and with the Sun, Mars and Venus all disposed towards Mercury in domicile Virgo, we have the powers of good organisation, clear thinking and other great mental strategies on our side, despite strong Neptune, as it will be opposing Mars. Neptune could just bring us a lovely dreamy-like quality and some extra creative flow along with Venus this month.

Something else that is very significant is the T-square between Mars, Neptune and Jupiter, which brings into play all the other planets I have already mentioned in oppositions between the Virgo-Pisces axis. Jupiter in this configuration is under a lot of strain and, especially being involved in such close, hard aspects with these two malefics, could potentially operate in ways we are not used to. My best advice is to keep an eye on the affairs of the house Jupiter is transiting in your natal chart, bearing in mind he will be at 16° Sagittarius. A list of things within Jupiter’s realm are luck, excess, positivity, confidence, self-indulgence, fire (both literally and figuratively speaking) belief-systems, philosophy, judgement and the judicial system, higher education, a lack of will to listen to others and insatiability. Team these up with Mars in Virgo’s combativeness and argumentativeness and Neptune’s rose-coloured glasses and there is your concoction for potential disruption during this Full Moon. Remember though, that it very much depends on your personal birth chart how these energies will play out for you as many of you may just as well receive mainly the positive benefits of Jupiter this month. I tend to expect this for myself anyway as I simply like to have a positive outlook. 🙂

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Blessings to all.

Full Moon Chart 14th Sept 2019

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