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The Post ~ 12th November 2019

There’s a Full Moon in Taurus this Tuesday, the 12th November, exacting at around 13:30 in the UK.

Full Moon Chart 12th Nov 2019

This Full Moon in Taurus is all about taking back the stability in your life you may have felt you lost ever since the New Moon in Scorpio on the 28th October, which no doubt rocked the calm for many of us during the weeks to follow. During the New Moon in Scorpio, Mars tightly squared Saturn, which is a notoriously difficult aspect that often brings us extra responsibilities of the type that just simply cannot be ignored, potentially getting in the way of every day life while demanding your time and attention.

New Moon Chart 28th Oct 2019

To top it off, this also occurred only three days before Mercury stationed retrograde on the 31st October at 27°, while tightly conjoining Venus at the same degree. With Mars as a depositor to Mercury’s station in detriment in Libra, who was then applying to a square to co-ruler Pluto in Capricorn and with Moon in Sagittarius at that time, it is unsurprising if life perhaps seemed somewhat out of control, tumultuous and topsy-turvy, followed by a couple of weeks of the usual Mercury retrograde mishaps; communication difficulties, slow technology (both old and new) and even more general unforeseen difficulties getting in the way of your every day life. This would be especially true if you were ‘on the road’ or relying heavily on transport or technology/ electronics in some respect or another. I am personally planning on buying a laptop for someone dear to me, though I am waiting until after the retrograde period has ended, on the 20th November. It’s definitely a wise decision, I think.

Mercury stn Rx 31st Oct 2019

So, you have battled it out for a couple of weeks since the last New Moon and now it is time to reap the rewards that are due to you as per your hard work during that time. The Full Moon is always about that culmination of the lunar cycle, about bringing everything home and enjoying the fruits of your labour. There can be a very karmic quality to the energies of the Full Moon, in that ‘you reap what you sow’, regardless of what it is you sowed at the time of the New Moon and beyond. If you entered this new cycle with ill intentions or negativity towards others, or you’ve found you have succumbed to these due to the difficult time of the transits I have mentioned in this article, it is likely you could reap a dose of that too, because that is how the ebb and flow of life and karma works, which is also rooted in the essence of the waxing of the Moon, followed by the waning period, which is in itself a resting period of self-reflection. A chance to take stock of all you have learnt during this cycle. All of this can happen very intuitively, deeply and emotionally, just how the Moon intends, on a core instinctual level.

I, for one, am very much hoping that this Full Moon on Tuesday brings us nice things, some luxury and a sense of stability just as only a Taurus Moon could hopefully accommodate. Venus is now in Sagittarius, hence she is in a much better position than she was when she was in Scorpio when tightly conjoining Mercury and Mars has also now moved on from his squares to Saturn and Pluto, (those are some aspects I mentioned before that very likely increased the air of tension and drama for many of us during the New Moon period and beyond).

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Blessings to all.

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