There’s a Full Moon This Tuesday at 23°25’ Sagittarius

The Full Moon in Sagittarius on the 14th June

The Full Moon this month is on Tuesday the 14th in Sagittarius, exacting at 12:52 pm BST. This month looks like a refreshing change from the intense eclipses we’ve had so far in Taurus and Scorpio. The Full Moon phase will bring forward a release of energies that have built up since the New Moon phase, peaking in energy and bringing to the surface our unconscious desires and emotions. This Full Moon will be a great time for Moon bathing, crystal re-energising, lucid dreaming and spiritual cleansing. During this Full Moon in Sagittarius, we can expect the primitive nature of our spirits to emerge and seek fulfilment in joy.

Sagittarius is a zodiac sign who desires to be unencumbered from the everyday constraints of mundane life to explore the outdoors with spontaneity and freedom. Therefore, the Full Moon on June the 14th may bring us experiences we might not usually have the pleasure of encountering or even bring ourselves the permission to experience. It looks to be a time when our courage will come to us in ways that will help us to take back control of certain parts of our lives, which can ultimately be freeing in every Jupiterian sense of the word.

The Gemini – Sagittarius axis

The Gemini – Sagittarius axis is the axis of learning through communications versus experience. It’s the axis of intelligence versus wisdom or knowledge versus understanding. The Sun will be in Gemini whilst the Moon is in Sagittarius, so this axis will be highlighted. Everything we have recently learned about ourselves and our place in the world will come to the fore to beg for deeper understanding from an instinctively holistic viewpoint. With this being a social axis, activities in the communal sphere will help us to integrate and connect our growing understanding of ourselves and each other with full purpose and identity. Reading into the tiny details of life and the connections we make may not appeal to us right now, because the Sagittarius Full Moon will bring an instinctive understanding that the connections themselves are the reasons we are all living together on this Earth.

Neptune in a Square aspect with the Full Moon

Neptune is getting ready for her retrograde station on the 28th of June, so the progress we’ve made in terms of spiritual growth lately is about to come under review. Any illusions or veils that were before us as a result of Neptune’s motion whilst she was travelling direct may slip away from us now. With the planet of truth Jupiter ruling the Moon’s sign this could be quite an eye-opener for us all and we could begin to see our lives from different angles now as reality sets in and our sense of clarity is enhanced. With Neptune’s square aspect to the Full Moon, she’ll form the crux of a T-square, meaning she’ll be under a lot of strain. Now, the lifting of the illusionist’s veil could be difficult for many of us at this time, yet also just as important.

Saturn will Trine the Sun

Saturn represents mastery in the material world and our well-organised structures and as he forms his neat trine to our Gemini Sun, he’ll also form a sextile with the Sagittarius Moon. Although Saturn is now in retrograde motion, this is still a very supportive configuration that offers stability and strength within our identities and interpersonal relationships. I believe that this will help us improve on our experiences in supportive ways in light of the Neptune square Sun and Moon signature I previously mentioned, enhancing our comfortability with our surroundings and in our interactions with others.

Venus, the North Node and Uranus Conjunction

Venus in conjunction with Uranus can assist us in opening up to the potentialities of viewing love relationships through a different lens. Under this signature, we dare to be different and we experience a strong need to remain true to ourselves however this may be, regardless of whether it diverges far from the mainstream or what is expected of us by society. The North Node also in close conjunction will likely bring issues to the front of the media and our daily conversations that relate to art, money and our love styles. Venus and the North Node now apply towards their conjunction, exacting two days later on the 16th of June. There may also be an air of detachment in our love styles and in the ways we relate to one another socially.

Mars’ Conjunction with Chiron

Mars is applying towards a conjunction with Chiron (which will exact on the 15th, the day after the Full Moon). As Mars signifies our willpower, defence mechanisms and our sexual assertiveness, Chiron represents the wounded healer archetype who is well-prepared for digging deep into our psyche to help heal our wounds and traumas from the past. This is a beneficial time for opening up these wounds that we associate with anger, sex or frustrations so we can work through them and hopefully move on with gentle healing, wholeness and light.

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