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Full Moon Forecast

The Post ~ 17th June 2019

There’s a Full Moon in Sagittarius this Monday, the 17th June, exacting at around 08:30am in the UK.

The Full Moon this Monday will be at 25°53′ Sagittarius so will be both conjoining and ruled by Jupiter, who will be at 18°37′ Sagittarius and, as the second Jupiter-Neptune square this year will be in alignment from 9th to 24th June, this Full Moon will also very much be coloured by this Jupiter-Neptune square.

Neptune is the apex of a T-square between the Moon-Jupiter conjunction and the Sun so takes much of the strain of this configuration, while in domicile in Pisces and this could really bring our subconscious urges into focus, even much more than during a usual Full Moon, meaning many of us might be more reactive at a deeper, instinctual level. Be careful of a greater risk of accidents, because those of us holding down unreleased tensions can unconsciously react at times like these, due to hidden strain.

This Full Moon may prove even more dramatic with a Mars- Mercury conjunction sat right on the North Node in Cancer, while opposing the Saturn- Pluto conjunction in Capricorn on the South Node. This configuration could bring about changes in communication and electricity networks that means structures and regulations that have been put in place long ago that we have all come to rely on will have to be readjusted or rebuilt from the ground up completely.

With those configurations, this coming Full Moon tomorrow is also all about fantasy, beliefs, reality and readjustment. Stay safe everybody.

If you would like your own personal Full Moon reading in time for the next Full Moon, so you can see a professional view of where all the planets and points might be activated in your life, you can email me from my contact page to book but you must do this at least two weeks in advance of the Full Moon.

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Blessings to all.

Full Moon Chart 17th Jun 2019

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