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The Post ~ 16th July 2019

There’s a partial Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn this Tuesday, the 16th July, exacting at around 9:38 pm in the UK.

It may only be a partial eclipse this Tuesday, but it will be made all the more important and impactful with the conjunctions of Saturn and Pluto to the Moon and the conjunctions of Venus and Mercury retrograde to the Sun. Both Saturn and Venus will be within 1°30′ of the Moon’s nodal axis, which will greatly enhance the significance of their already tight opposition and Mars will conjoin Mercury, adding heat to the cluster of oppositions, as both Mars and Mercury’s energies will be disposed towards the Sun.

With these oppositions and the Moon’s nodes along the Cancer-Capricorn axis we can expect that shifts might have to be made to accommodate on-going beneficial home and work life balances around the time frame spanning a couple of weeks prior to the eclipse and a couple of weeks following. There is a much longer window of time in which the effects of eclipses can take place and eclipses are very much intensified versions of the Full Moons. Additionally, as many of us are very much aware, Full Moon energies often urge us into action in some way or another, because all the energy that has been building up since the time of the New Moon is being released and quite often, it can not be ignored. So, whatever you have set with intention and worked towards since the Total Solar Eclipse in Cancer on the 2nd July, you could reap the benefits of this coming week.

This Lunar Eclipse is all about creating new structures that can benefit us practically, at work or financially and this has to be balanced with our sense of harmony and appeasement around the home, where we can shine in our comfort zones and be our soul’s most original selves. Our minds and passions are geared towards creating a luscious environment where we feel we most belong, yet our need to support this with whatever mundane tasks we have to carry out in order to make it possible to secure our positions in life is pressing on our urges and our instincts intensely, as portrayed by Pluto’s conjunctions to Saturn and our Moon. With Pluto, we might even be prepared to dig deep, uproot and transform whichever part of ourselves we feel is necessary in the process. Let’s hope this eclipse brings us some promising results to answer to our callings!

Neptune is still in a helpful position, in trine with the North Node and in sextile with the South Node, facilitating a sweet outlet for all those tense energies between the opposition planets and points during the eclipse, which is great news for artists and those of us in a spiritual practice of some sort or another, as Neptune represents our artistic expressions and the magic that happens on the ethereal plane. We also have Vertex opposing Neptune while at the same time, in sextile with the North Node and in trine with the South Node, basically placing the final piece that is needed to create a balancing Mystic Rectangle, increasing both harmony and dynamism amongst the planets involved in the pattern (all those I have so far mentioned) while highlighting both new and old karmic connections.

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Blessings to all.

Full Moon Chart 16th Jul 2019

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