The New Moon, 17th March 2018

New Moon

Your forecast for this New Moon period and the fortnight ahead.

There is a new Moon tomorrow, which means that this is a great time to begin any new project or venture for everybody. The beginning of the lunar cycle and the first phase bestows with us the most freshness of being, the greatest fertility and an abundance of creative energy, so it is recommended that we use this time to our personal advantage by beginning something that is dear to us, through which we can express ourselves and just have fun. It is important that we can let ourselves go once in a while so we can get creative and make something happen! The following waxing phase, in which our most creative potential will shoot forward and branch out into many wondrous twines of affection for all that we love and care, will last for 14 days, until the time of the full moon. The full Moon will be on the 31st March 2018.

Where is all this wonderful energy coming from?? This New Moon is in late Pisces at 26° conjoining Chiron and forming a lovely trine to Jupiter in Scorpio. Jupiter is still retrograde but this is unlikely to hinder the beneficial qualities that he bestows upon us in any way; he is such a great guy to have around. So.. this New Moon may have a soothing, healing quality about it for many of us. Then, we still have the forwardness and adventurousness of Mars in Sagittarius, only this time he is at a critical degree (29°), getting ready to move into Capricorn, so many of us may find this the perfect time to clear out and organise our closets and cupboards.

Another great thing about this New Moon is the stellium in Aries of Venus, Mercury and Uranus, all lending their combined energies to Mars, making Mars even more of a critical planet this week. Much going on have we?? It must be that plentiful ‘get up and go’ that super-charged Mars is bringing. Let’s just GO and do it, I hear many people saying.

Mercury, our planet of communication, thought and learning is set to turn retrograde on the 22nd/23rd March 2018 (it will happen just after midnight UT) until 15th April, so it will be wise to prepare for this by getting much of what you can do done before then. Especially, I am talking about taking important meetings to do with any new ventures, writing important contracts, agreeing to complex terms and conditions, anything to do with transport including car and motorcycle repairs and anything to do with finance and banking.

Communications (this includes mail/ post) is usually slowed during the time of the Mercury retrograde, particularly with large business, banks and other financial institutions and governing bodies so make sure you will have nothing overly important to sort out during that time. Also, it will be wise not to purchase electronics during the Mercury retrograde, as there can often be delays and/ or mechanical faults when Mercury appears to be moving backwards. Please watch out for miscommunications and misinterpretations between yourself and your loved ones during this time, too.

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