New Moon Highlights, 20th Sept 2017

New Moon

Highlights forecast for the New Moon period and the week ahead.

September’s New Moon nearing close to the ingress of Libra and occurring only days before the Sun’s Libra ingress brings fresh opportunities onto Libra’s doorstep, ready for the taking.
Libra, it’s up to you to see the opportunities made available to you at this time and take advantage of them, whether they be in romance or as simple as a new funky Sale item for your wardrobe. You may, however, be shopping on line more than on the high street this month, with so many transiting planets, including Venus and Mars in your Solar 12th house of reclusion and solitude. Don’t worry, you should be back to your usual sociable self by the same time next month.

Actually, all cardinal signs should be feeling the energies of this New Moon in Virgo. With Capricorn’s Solar MC lit, finding a new way of dealing with an old and frustrating issue at work seems likely and Cancer’s highlighted IC might just point towards new projects in the home for them. Plans to re-decorate, perhaps? After a busy month, Aries may still be finding their social calendar is much fuller than they initially planned. Either way, this coming few weeks, right up until the 3rd/ 4th of October, I feel that everybody will have something of a ‘loose cannon’ to deal with in the shape of the Uranus/ Jupiter opposition that becomes exact on the 28th. As the final hit of this series of transits, will we be finally breaking free from something restricting in our lives we have been fighting against, ever since December 2016? This could be different for everybody, be it an emotional matter, a mental restriction or something more practical.

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