Full Moon Highlights, 6th Sept 2017

Highlights forecast for the Full Moon period and the week ahead.

Hey, busy-body Virgos, I’ll bet you never imagined being able to fit more into your daily routine than you already are! Well be prepared to actually do so with increased energy levels, especially around the time of the coming Full Moon on the 6th September. With extra spontaneity, you may decide on being fun and sociable! Biting your tongue and continuing to remain patient throughout this these next four days could reward you well in your relationships with others during the Full Moon period, too.

Cancer: daily routines are likely very important this coming week, as you focus on communications and gathering and sharing information. It’s all about connecting and giving for you, which hopefully, if all goes well, will bring you something a little extra during the Full Moon. Talks on finances are highlighted, follow your intuition.

The next two weeks are looking promising for you lovely Leos, too, as ‘all is full of love’ and you might just be dying to shout it out to the rest of the world. Your social life looks very promising, but you might still need to keep an eye on your cash between now and the Moon’s third quarter on the 13th September.

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