Current Planetary aspects – December 2014 and January 2015

Catch up on planetary events for December 2014 and January 2015! Accurate dates and times are available here, taken from Michelsen and Pottenger’s revised and expanded third edition of ‘The American Ephemeris for the 21st Century, 2000 – 2050 at Noon’.

Date Time Event
Dec 3rd 10:33 Saturn Sesqui-quadrate Uranus
Dec 4th 23:58 Mars enters Aquarius
Dec 6th 12:28 Full Moon lunar eclipse in Gemini, 14°18′
Dec 8th 20:42 Jupiter turns Retrograde 22°38′ Leo
Dec 10th 16:43 Venus enters Capricorn
Dec 14th 12:52 Third quarter Moon in Virgo 22°26′
Dec 15th 05:15 Uranus square Pluto
Dec 17th 03:54 Mercury enters Capricorn
Dec 21st 22:46 Uranus turns direct 12°34′ Aries
Dec 21st 23:04 Sun enters Capricorn
Dec 22nd 01:37 New Moon in Capricorn 00°06′
Dec 23rd 16:35 Saturn enters Sagittarius
Dec 28th 18:33 First quarter Moon in Aries 06°56′
Jan 3rd 14:49 Venus enters Aquarius
Jan 5th 01:09 Mercury enters Aquarius
Jan 5th 04:54 Full Moon in Cancer 14°31′
Jan 8th 15:25 Ceres enters Capricorn
Jan 12th 10:21 Mars enters Pisces
Jan 13th 09:48 Third quarter Moon in Libra 22°52′
Jan 20th 09:44 Sun enters Aquarius
Jan 20th 13:15 New Moon in Aquarius 00°09′
Jan 21st 15:56 Mercury turns retrograde 17°05’Aquarius
Jan 27th 04:50 First quarter Moon in Taurus 06°55′
Jan 27th 15:01 Venus enters Pisces