Ceres entered dark and brooding Scorpio on the 7th of August..

Ceres is the asteroid of nurturing, nourishment and of the mother, fertility and of natural cycles. It has just entered Scorpio this morning and will remain in this sign until the end of October, which means that we will feel more of a need to remain in control within any situation in which we might be the one who is nurturing or looking after someone else and we may also be a little more emotional and less detached than we have been lately. Also, as Ceres is currently retrograde, we may still be finding ourselves in reflective states every so often as we have a sit down and think about the past and how we were nurtured and looked after as a child. This, in turn, may affect our decisions in how we nurture others. Ceres will remain in Scorpio until the 30th of October.

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