There’s a Full Moon in Virgo Tomorrow, March 18th

Full Moon Virgo 18th March

The Full Moon this Friday, 18th March 2022 will occur at 27°40’ Virgo at 07:18 here in the UK. As I mentioned last month, February’s Full Moon carried a theme of forming new connections and supporting social life, with working towards financial growth a strong focus. This month, we’re looking at orientations of deep introspection, so there has been quite a shift in planetary energies since then. It will be unsurprising if this shift has been observed with simultaneous changes in the way we feel and in our everyday lives. The themes of the coming Full Moon on Friday also hint towards some detachment in romance and love, with a stronger focus on empathy towards the public and coming together in our collective consciousness for the important world-view and socio-economic issues.

Venus and Mars tightly conjoined for a good while, so passionate romantic endeavours and graceful kinaesthetic and artistic styles have been enjoyed in abundance. We can now see Venus slowly separating from Mars, as she’s finally over that 2° orb in distance. As she will move further towards Saturn in Aquarius over the next two weeks (and on past Saturn approaching the next New Moon), perhaps this will coincide with a whole new cerebral and rational flavour blend in love and romance.

The Virgo – Pisces Axis

The Full Moon is over the axis of health and service. Here, we lean towards serving others in many practical ways and this comes with the power of spiritual service and compassion. On this axis, work is quiet and humble requiring little ego and self-sacrifice is observed in a multitude of ways. We sacrifice ourselves for the health of others, quite often without the need for appraisal or recognition. Also, Virgo’s Full Moon is one of analysis and logic, which might sometimes take over the emotional realms with practically and what needs to be done. However, this may simply be a compliment and things may be done in selfless ways that give mind to the well-being of others.

The Full Moon in Opposition with Neptune

Neptune is not only opposing the Moon while conjoining Jupiter and Mercury but is also at the midpoint between the Sun and Jupiter. Therefore Neptune is lit with magnificent energy and boosted in strength and value. Neptune is casting powerful sights of our vast, ethereal realms that he represents. We’ll become much more in touch with our shared astral world this week and this is super news for anyone looking to enhance their spiritual connections in their practices or within their prayers for the well-being of the rest of the world especially. Even those of us who are often the last to identify with the spiritual realm may find their dreams are much vivid or even leaning on prophetic.

Neptune in Conjunction with Jupiter

Neptune in conjunction with Jupiter offers support towards imaginative work; for those such as musical performers, writers and artists. The week approaching the Full Moon will see many of us directly accessing this ocean of collective inspiration as we download gifts from our collective unconscious to focus onto our beautiful crafts. This we can thoroughly enjoy as we advance towards the light. The potential downside of this conjunction comes when our sensations are overpoweringly ethereal such that we move through our days in a haze or experience feeling too lost to bring structure into our working days or into the important tasks we need to do. Neptune-Jupiter can sometimes feel like we’re trying to walk across the deep ocean floor with no control over where we’re going. It can help to take appropriate measures to remain grounded.

The Moon in a Trine with Pluto

Our Virgo Moon in a trine with Pluto may become our saviour aspect at the time of this Full Moon on Friday the 18th. The Moon will be disposed to Mercury, who’s in detriment in Pisces, but her neat trine to Pluto will facilitate an abundance of emotional power and strength for us all where we need it the most. This will come to us naturally as elements of our deep intuition and it can also greatly enhance our investigative skills. Let’s just ensure that if we enter into a fantasy wormhole, we know how to keep this separate from our reality amidst these potent energies of the Jupiter – Neptune conjunction.

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