Watch out for the Full Moon in Scorpio this Tuesday!

Full Moon over the sea Astrology photography

There’s a Full Moon in Scorpio this Tuesday, 27th April, at 432 am in the UK.

On Tuesday, the Full Moon in Scorpio will be opposing a lovely stellium of four planets in Taurus, including the Sun, so as well as the investigative, penetrative, and private energies of Scorpio highlighting the sky between now and then, we have a good old huge dose of kind-natured, fixed and loving Taurus. With Mars newly in Cancer now too, focus this Full Moon may be on home, family, and on instinctively nurturing our own emotional boundaries and well-being. All planets except two (Saturn and Jupiter) are now in the feminine or yin energy signs, so we may be now feeling a lot more like staying at home, putting our feet up, and forgetting any and all of the drama that is going on in the world. All we need now is good food, our favourite TV show and family, right?!

Full Moon event chart. Tuesday, 27th April, 4:32 am, UK

There’s a T-Square with Saturn in Aquarius as the focal point during this Full Moon on Tuesday, so this really lends an air of open-mindedness coupled with emotional stability and an appreciation for responsibilities and hard work. Also, all planets save for Neptune in rulership sign of Pisces will be disposed to Venus in Taurus (when looking to modern Pluto as Scorpio’s ruler) so there could be a huge focus on money, spending, personal boundaries, space, and values this coming week. Summed up this is a time of thinking about financial responsibilities and family.

Mars and the Moon will not only be in mutual reception, but forming a nice trine to one another in water signs Cancer and Scorpio, so here we have genuine motivations and an even greater dose of kindness. There may also be some letting go of old emotional habits with a greater sense of freedom (despite our Moon’s applying square to Saturn) as she picks up some potent energies from Mars the day previous to the Full Moon and then applies to an opposition and mutual reception with Uranus in Taurus, as he is imbued with the gregarious, open-hearted and communicative energies of the Sun, Venus and Mercury.

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Blessings to all.

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