The coming Full Moon Astrology | May 2019

Those of you with personal placements or angles between around 19° and 27° Virgo will likely receive a lot of welcomed support

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The Post ~ 18th May 2019

There’s a Full Moon in Scorpio this Saturday, the 18th May, exacting at around 21:11am in the UK.

The Full Moon this Saturday will be at 27° Scorpio so, as with all events bathed in the energy of Scorpio, there are likely to be the emotional elements of extremity, seriousness, emotional connectedness and will power cycling through our collective consciousness, as our guiding satellite yet again temporarily shares with us the unique energies she brings while illuminated through this sign. Much of the energy of the New Moon in Taurus of the 4th May pointed towards elements super-connectedness, plenty for social and practical reasons, while Mars in Gemini was in mutual reception with Mercury, Mercury conjoined Uranus in Taurus and the Sun and Moon trined the Pluto Saturn conjunction in Capricorn. Now, as we are building up to the Full Moon, communication methods we primarily come to rely on may wane into those that are less obviously noticeable, such as body language cues, vague emotional undertones and psychic absorption, yet connectedness may still be a strong focus, as Mercury will conjoin the Sun in Taurus.

One of the most noticeable things about the chart of this coming Full Moon is that seven of the eight planets (and both the Sun and the Moon) will be in feminine signs, so this, in a sense, could really lower the overall frequency of the spectrum of energies we will experience with our solar system around the 18th May. Positive effects of this could be general calmness, groundedness, a sense of stability and desires to slow down and focus on the necessary sentimental and practical values of humanity. Some of us may experience unwelcome overall feelings of sluggishness, especially those of us who are mainly masculine in energy in our natal charts. Your houses and natal aspects (of feminine vs masculine planets) can be taken into account in this scenario as well as your planetary placements. However, if Jupiter this Full Moon chart (which will be at 22° Sagittarius) is set to conjoin your Sun while Mars (at 1° Cancer) conjoins your Moon, for example, this could still provide you with your own personal boost of energy. This is one of many particular scenarios that could provide you with a different experience. Have a look at which planets will be closely aspecting your personal planets this Saturday; the chart of the Full Moon is at the bottom of this page. If you would like your own personal Full Moon reading in time for the next Full Moon, so you can see a professional view of where all the planets and points might be activated in your life, you can email me from my contact page to book but you must do this at least two weeks in advance of the Full Moon.

Those of you with personal placements or angles between around 19° and 27° Virgo will likely receive a lot of welcomed support, most especially if you have an organised event to look forward to near the time of the Full Moon, as said personal planet will be acting as a connecting point for the formation of a celestial grand earth trine, which will include the Sun, Mercury, Saturn and Pluto. The Sun may shine a sweet, golden light onto anything he touches (in this case the food at your event and any speakers involved), while Mercury can be a great support for the social aspect of your occasions. Saturn and Pluto could team up for watching over the organisation of events and making sure it is one to remember!

Another thing to note in the chart of this coming Full Moon, is the closeness of the Venus Uranus conjunction and their sextile aspect to Mars in Cancer. Venus will be in domicile in Taurus now until 9th June, so we can benefit from her dignity in application to any artistic projects and anything that requires patience and focus or intended for aesthetic and sensual pleasure, right up until then. During this Full Moon, however, as the Venus Uranus conjunction exacts on the same day, we have the added benefit of Venus’ artistic expressions being lended the brilliance of technical and scientific function. This is great for digital art, CGI, video editing and computerised scientific model construction or anything else you can think of that the touch of Uranus can bring to Venus. Greater still if this Venus Uranus conjunction touches a personal part of your natal chart. Mars will bring some extra energy that is likely instinct and value oriented into this mix. Please note I am making allowances for the fact that both Mars and Uranus will be in fall in my interpretation, hence some slight modifications to their usual interpretations.

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Blessings to all.

Full Moon Chart 18th May 2019

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