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Tips for making the most out of the coming Total Eclipse

There’s a Full Moon eclipse tomorrow, the 21st January, exacting at around 5:15am in the UK.

For the third month in a row, the Full Moon will fall at the all-important critical degree (00°) of a sign. This month it is a lunar eclipse in Leo and there will be plenty of hard aspects that could potentially
help shake you out of your comfort zone. So, what is the first thing that comes to mind? Drama. All types of drama. Whether this be professional drama and soaps, a general dramatic event or a personal, emotional dramatic event, something dramatic could well be stirring or brewing in the atmosphere this week.

Because the effects of eclipses, especially, can tend to cast a shadow over the couple of weeks prior to the event whilst also highlighting the few weeks that follow, the window for dramatic events to occur due to this eclipse is unusually quite large this month. This Leo fire is likely to play out into our lives in some way or another, most especially if we have personal planets or points at the 00 critical degree of Leo or that of another fixed sign (Aquarius, Scorpio or Taurus), or personal planets or points at the 00 critical degree of another fire sign (Aries or Sagittarius). The fire signs are likely to receive a welcomed burst of helpful energy whereas those who are mainly fixed (including those with personal Leo placements in the early degrees), could be on the receiving end of a few challenges. This is because the energy of Leo likes to challenge, it likes to dramatise and it likes to boldly emphasise. Then with the Moon ruling the realm of subconscious urges and emotions, these are likely come into play in the equation too.

This month, there has also been the major aspect, Jupiter square Neptune, starting from the 8th January and then moving out of orb on the 19th January (yesterday). This aspect will recur several more times throughout the year, which means that it is highly likely that 2019 will be a year that is strongly marked with the energies of this particular aspect, which will be very interesting to reflect back on in 2020. These energies may include the dreams and faiths of the masses throughout the world swelling greatly, boosting optimism, compassion and the general sense of adventure massively amongst us. With Jupiter, bringing gifts of belief, positivity and expansion and Neptune bringing psychic empathy, creativity and intuition, these may all seemingly come into our lives at the right time for many. Both Jupiter and Neptune are in their own signs of ruler-ship, you see, which tends to strengthen and boost planets, while bringing out their most positive assets. However, there could still be many tensions due to the square but a square is usually an aspect that tends to drive action within people hence, naturally, some tangible results arising from such energies (not forgetting we still have Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn to add to the mix, now forming a stellium with Mercury).

So the fact that this major Jupiter-Neptune square aspect has been within its standard 1° orb during the majority of the couple of weeks prior to the first Full Moon this year, which happens to be an eclipse, tells me that this aspect is likely to have a major influence on the type of eclipse this will be, along side it occurring in Leo’s first degree (a critical degree). Another aspect to consider, is Mercury in Capricorn opposing the eclipse, so we may expect plenty of structured conversations or other methods of relating/ communicating, that could well serve as a dramatic release from these aforementioned tensions. Additionally, Venus will conjunct Jupiter in Sagittarius on the day of the eclipse, which will both form a trine to Mars in Aries (if a slightly wider aspect), bringing even more fire energy into the equation, but also love, beauty and pleasure. My advice this month, is to let it flow, remain open to negotiation (given that there are likely high tensions for all of us), try your best to remain respectful and in control and of course, express yourself creatively to ease any blockages you may be experiencing or just to simply help blow the cobwebs away, as you most definitely have Jupiter and Neptune in your favour for doing this at the very least.

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I have included a chart of the Full Moon at the bottom of this page. If you would like some more official information on the Eclipse, visit the NASA website here.

Blessings, from Gemma at Vine Astrology.

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