Eclipse highlights, 27th July 2018

Full Moon over the sea Astrology photography

There’s a Full Moon this Friday, the 27th July, which reaches its fullest at 19 minutes past 8 in the evening in the UK.

In Air sign Aquarius, this Full Moon will primarily be highlighting (or bringing to our attention) our own, unique ways of thinking and our styles of communication, especially amongst our friends and in group settings. Usually there is something unavoidable which is staring straight at us, that is deeply meaningful to us, causing us to ponder, or something that is emotionally triggering us during a Full Moon and, with the Moon’s tight conjunction with Mars in Retrograde this month, it could be something we are deeply passionate about or even something that makes us uncomfortably annoyed (or uncomfortably excited, even).
With Venus in Virgo (a sign ruled by Mercury, which is also in retrograde) while opposing Neptune during the Full Moon, it might be a good idea to try avoiding any confusions, both in financial matters and matters of the heart and by this I mean it might be a good idea to read everything you need to read extra carefully that pertains to any paper contracts or securities or other financial instruments. Likewise, it might be a good idea to be extra careful if/ when discussing anything sensitive with a loved one, as the chances of misunderstandings are probably much higher than usual during this Full Moon.

A great crystal to use under this Full Moon during meditation will be Blue Lace Agate, being a crystal strongly associated with the Throat Chakra and therefore the Air element also. While ‘enhancing communication and expression’, Blue Agate will be a lovely (and helpful) crystal to have around during the full Mercury Retrograde period, too. Visit Healing Crystals’ Blue Lace Agate page for more information.

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