Full Moon Highlights 4th Nov 2017

Highlights forecast for this Full Moon period and the fortnight ahead.

This Full Moon, today, on the 4th November and times during the upcoming week may be all about revelling in a new and exciting romance for many Aries folk and for those who are already taken, it could mean an extra burst of fun in the relationship or some surprising news.
If romance isn’t necessarily for everybody, all other relations do look promising too, including work relations and some could potentially lead to a little extra cash flow. Also, now is a great time to get yourself down to the bank if you want to make a good impression, as you may have a little extra luck on your side (which just so happens to be in the form of Jupiter conjunct the Sun in your solar 8th house of banks and loans, opposite this Full Moon in your solar 2nd house of wealth and belongings).

Taurus, it looks like your general health has been doing well this year, with Jupiter moving gracefully through your solar 6th house, or at least there should have been some recent improvements if you had been having previous difficulties. Now, over the past couple of weeks and during this Full Moon and onward, there looks to be promises of relatively stress-free daily schedules and easy-going (and perhaps fun) relations with both co-workers and family members, as well as some increased energy and even more of a health boost. Enjoy this time and if any opportunities for sprucing up your diet or exercise regime arise now, I advise you to take them and run with them, because the alignment of the planets suggest that they will probably do you the world of good.

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