Astrology Mentoring




Astrology Mentoring with Gem

Astrology building blocks – Laying the Foundations

What you’ll get!

The signs, elements & modalities with an introduction on modern & classical rulerships.

The symbologies of the planets in our natal charts, how they represent facets of our psyche and how to interpret them in the zodiac signs.

The structure of the natal chart, how each individual house operates, and a look at some of the different house systems including how and why they are used.

Bringing everything together, synthesising and clear, step-by-step instructions on how to go on to read signatures in the natal chart.

What’s included? Week-by-week mentoring sessions of one hour per session and pdf handouts covering all topics, so you can go back and re-learn at any time.

Sessions are £30 each or £25 each for block bookings of 6 in advance.

Mentoring is also available for learning predictive astrology techniques.

Please email me at to book.