Synastry Reading (Friendship & Family)

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My Synastry reports for family relationships, friendships, business partnerships and other platonic relationships are sensitive and detailed, with two Astrology natal charts to look at and the aspects between them listed with my personal interpretations and wisdom inside the workings of each one. Whether you’re best friends or father and son, you could find this report enlightening, interesting and fun to read.

You can provide me with the birth details for your two charts and I will delineate them both, using reliable and accurate Astrological techniques such as a chart overlay analysis and the Davidson mid-point chart reading against your natal charts to evaluate how you both harmonise and fall into natural conflict together, using the truly cosmic, ancient language of Astrology.

During your consultation, we can discuss the various ways how this information may have the potential to translate into your daily interactions for you and the key communication languages you are both likely to use related to this, including how these differ. Aspects between your respective planets at your birth times can show me, Astrologically, the areas of life that are likely to become prominent for you both as shared areas of life and I give professional Astrological advice on which areas of conflict can potentially be smoothed over, through the eyes of Astrology with the help of the conscious reasoning and understanding of your birth charts.

I focus on harmonies between the charts and my ultimate goal is to help you to gain a much deeper understanding of the more subconscious drives between one another, based on the planetary energies within your charts. I believe that relationships can always be greater appreciated using an Astrological perspective, as seen through the natal charts and that deep understanding is one of the major key ingredients towards harmony within relationships. It is within this premise that I base my goal towards achieving the most worthwhile possible outcome for you from your Synastry Analysis Friendship or Family Report.

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